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Initiation II

The Practice of Magic



Step I


This is the part of the book in which we begin with the practice of initiation. We must always bear in mind that it is impossible to acquire and maintain the magical equilibrium if the body, soul and spirit are not trained simultaneously. In the theoretical part of this book I called the reader's attention in detail to the dangers of one-sided training or devel opment. Everything requires a certain length of time; therefore it is not advisable to hasten during the developmental period. The fundamental conditions of this development are patience, perseverance and tenacity. You will be richly rewarded for the effort which you devote to your de velopment. Should you decide to enter upon the path of magic, make it your sacred duty to practice regularly. Be kind, friendly and lenient to wards your fellow man, but unrelenting and pitiless with yourself. You can only expect success in magic when you act in this manner. Never condemn or criticize anyone and first put your own house in order. Al low no one an insight into your inner sanctum. A magician never speaks about his path, his ascent and success. Silence contains the greatest might, and the more this commandment is obeyed, the more accessible and easier to reach are these energies. Arrange your day in such a way that you devote as much time as possible to your ascent. It is unnecessary to pass your time eating and drinking, or waste your time with meaning less company. Time flows like water and never returns. Determine a particular period of time which must be adhered to under all circumstances.

Exceptions are only permissible in unavoidable situations. Hu man beings are creatures of habit, and once they have become accus tomed to a particular hour for their exercises, then the urge to exercise comes automatically. Just as the urge to eat, drink and sleep arises, the same applies to the exercises - they must become habit. Only by following the above directions will you be assured of success. You will not Progress unless you are very diligent. I will endeavor to organize the instructions in such a way that even the busiest person is able to do these exercises. Those of you who have ample time at your disposal may engage in two or more exercises in the proper sequence.

Step I

Magical Schooling of the Spirit

Thought Control, Thought Discipline,

Mastery of Thoughts

(1) Thought Control

Seat yourself comfortably in a chair or lie down on a sofa or bed. Relax your entire body, close your eyes and observe your train of thought for five minutes, and make an attempt to remember these thoughts. In the beginning you will notice that thoughts which pertain to matters of eve ryday life, professional or job-related matters, worries etc. will rush in on you. Your position to this flow of thoughts should be that of a silent observer, completely free and independent. This exercise will either be difficult or easy, depending upon your situation and your present state of mind. When difficulties occur, do not lose your train of thought and do not lose sight of yourself, but observe your thoughts attentively. Do not fall asleep during this exercise. Should you become tired, immediately discontinue the exercise and postpone it till another time, at which time you will have made up your mind that you will not fall victim to tired ness. People of the Orient, for example India, sprinkle or wash their faces and upper body with cold water in order to remain alert, so that they do not lose valuable time. In order to prevent and overcome tiredness and sleepiness you can take a few deep breaths before you begin your exercise.

The student will in time develop these and similar methods himself. This thought control exercise has to be practiced in the morning and in the evening, starting with five minutes. Every day this exercise should be extended by one minute, so that within a week you are able to observe and control your own thoughts for at least ten minutes without the slightest digression. This period of time is necessary for the average human being. Should this span of time not be sufficient, then you can extend this term in accordance with your own powers of perception. Be conscientious in everything; it serves no purpose to do these exercise in haste Every person's development is very individual. Under no circumstances should you advance to the next exercise until you have completely mastered the present one.

The attentive student will notice how, in the beginning, he is besieged by thoughts, and how quickly they pass by him, so that it will he difficult for him to remember all of them. However, from one exercise to ilit next he will notice that these thoughts will appear less chaotically, and will abate little by little until only a few thoughts emerge in the consciousness as if from afar.

You must devote the greatest attention to this thought control exercise because it is extremely important in magical development — a fact which you will later understand.

Provided that you have practiced this exercise sufficiently and mastered it, we can begin with the instruction of the next exercise, namely mental development.

(2) Thought Discipline

We have learned to control our thoughts. The next exercise deals with thoughts which obtrude within us unwanted and persistently, and with not allowing them to emerge in our minds. For example, we must be able to occupy ourselves no longer with the chores and annoyances of our professional life when we are at home or in our private life. We must avoid all thoughts that do not belong in our private life and we must succeed in becoming a different person immediately. And vice versa: While we are at work or pursuing our profession we must direct all our thoughts towards our work and not allow them to be elsewhere, like at home or with private matters. This has to be practiced until it becomes a habit. Above all you must become accustomed to performing all tasks With complete awareness, whether it be in your profession or in your private life, regardless of whether you are dealing with something major Or itt)t. This exercise has to be practiced for the rest of your life, as it hOnes the spirit and strengthens the consciousness and memory.

Once you have achieved a certain proficiency in the practice of this exercise, you may advance to the next. This exercise is as follows:

Retain one single thought or idea for a longer period of time while you steadfastly suppress all other thoughts which obtrusively try to join it. Select any idea or train of thought or any other suitable concept for this purpose at your own discretion. Retain this concept with all your power. Vigorously reject all other thoughts which have nothing to do with the one you are practicing. In the beginning you will succeed for only a few seconds, later on it will be minutes. You must succeed in maintaining and following one single thought for at least ten minutes.

(3) Mastery of Thoughts

Once you have mastered this exercise you can proceed with the next exercise. We will learn now to produce a complete vacancy of mind. Relax your entire body by lying comfortably on a sofa or bed or by sitting in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Vigorously reject any thought that attacks you. Nothing must be permitted to appear in your spirit or mind; only complete mental vacancy should prevail. Then maintain this vacant state of mind without digressing or forgetting your self. In the beginning you will succeed, but only for a few seconds. How ever, through repeated practice you will become more successful. Once you have succeeded in remaining in this state for a full ten minutes with out forgetting yourself or falling asleep, then the purpose of this exercise has been achieved.

Carefully record all your successes, failures, duration of your ex ercises and interruptions or disturbances in a magical diary. (Details follow in the chapter "Magical Schooling of the Soul"). This diary will give the student the means to examine his own ascent. The more consci entiously the student maintains these records, the better and more suc cessful he will be with all the exercises that follow. Prepare a specific schedule for tomorrow or for the coming week and practice self-criticism.


Step I

Magical Schooling Of the Soul

Introspection (Self-Cognizance)

In our abode, which is our body and soul, we must find our way about at all times. That is why the first task is to know oneself. This condition is required by all systems of initiation, regardless of what kind. There will he no true ascent without self-cognizance.

During the first days of soul-schooling we will occupy ourselves with the practice of introspection, the examination or observation of our Owit characteristics. Record all the negative characteristics of your soul in a magical diary. This diary is strictly for your own use and under no circuumstances should it be shown to anyone else. It is a so-called "control hook.' When practicing self-control, you have to be pitiless and very sirict with yourself when it comes to your shortcomings, failings, habits, passions, urges and any other negative character traits. Be unrelenting towards yourself and do not glorify any of your failings and shortcom iitgs. Meditate and contemplate about yourself; place yourself in different situations of your past and consider how you behaved, taking note of the various failings and shortcomings which arose while you were in this situation. Record all weaknesses in their finest nuances and variations. The note you discover, the better. Nothing should remain hidden; everything should be unveiled, whether the failings and weaknesses be significant or insignificant. Students that are especially gifted have discov ered hundreds of failings in the finest nuances. These students had the ahility of meditating properly and penetrating profoundly into their own souls. Wash your soul completely clean and sweep out all the filth.

This self-analysis is one of the most important parts of magical Preparatory work. Many occult systems neglect these important require tteuts; that is why they have only very limited success. This psychic or isural preparatory work is the most important component in achieving tttagical equilibrium; without it, a consistent ascent in your development is not possible. Devote a few minutes to self-criticism every morning and every evening. Should you have a few free moments during the day, make use of them; contemplate intensively as to whether some failings still lurk in hiding somewhere. Should you discover some, record them immediately so they do not fall into oblivion. Whenever you discover a short-coming, do not hesitate, but record it immediately.

Should you not be successful in discovering all your shortcom ings or failings within one week, then devote another week to your re search until your registry of sins is complete. Should you be able to complete it in one or two weeks, then move on to the next exercise. Through very deep and intensive contemplation, try to assign each of your negative characteristics to one of the four elements. In your magical diary, allow a column or a page for each of the four elements, under which you record your shortcomings. Should you not be certain which element a characteristic should be assigned to, add another category with the heading "Indifferent." Eventually, as you advance in your development you will be able to determine to which element a characteristic belongs.

For example, the following are negative characteristics:

Fire element: quick temper, jealousy, hate, vengefulness, anger.

Air element: thoughtlessness, boastfulness, self-conceit, gossip, wastefulness.

Water element: indifference, apathy, cold-heartedness, acquies cence, carelessness, shyness, defiance, inconsistency.

Earth element: being easily offended, laziness, irresponsibility, ponderousness, melancholy, inconsistency.


In the following week meditate on each characteristic in the above-mentioned categories and divide them again into three groups and record them in your magical diary:

Group 1: Those negative characteristics that influence you the most and create the greatest problems, even under the most trivial circumstances.

Group 2: Negative characteristics that occur less frequently and have less of an influence.

Group 3: Negative characteristics that occur infrequently and have very little influence on you.

This also applies to the category of "Indifferent," Be very conscientious when recording them, as it is definitely worthwhile.

Everything has to be done in the same form and manner when it comes to positive psychic characteristics, They have to be divided in accordance with the elements, the category with the heading "Indifferent" and the three groups. Here are some examples of positive characteristics:

Fire element: activity, enthusiasm, determination, daring, courage.

Air element: diligence, joy, proficiency, kindheartedness, propensity to work, optimism.

Water element: humbleness, modesty, abstinence, ardency, compassion, tranquility, peace (contentment), forgiveness, tenderness.

Earth element: respect, perseverance, conscientiousness, thoroughness, circumspection, soberness, prudence, punctuality, sense of responsibility.

Through these exercises you will attain two astral soul-mirrors, one black, which represents all your negative astral characteristics, and one white, with your good and noble character traits. These two magic mirrors are considered to be actual occult mirrors and no one but the proprietor has the right to view himself in these mirrors. I should mention again that it is very important that the proprietor of these mirrors trtti5t work very conscientiously and precisely on them so that the final result is a true magic mirror. Should you, in the course of your development encounter any more good or bad, positive or negative characteristics, add them to your existing records. These two magic mirrors give the magician the ability to accurately determine which element in the black or white mirror is predominant. This knowledge is absolutely necessary in order to reach your magical equilibrium. All your future development depends upon it.

Step I

Magical Schooling of the

Physical Body

The Material or Carnal Body

The development of the spirit and soul must go hand in hand with that of our outer shell, the physical body. No part of our "I" should lag be hind or be neglected.

In the morning, immediately after rising, brush yourself with a soft natural brush (A natural bristle, preferably boar hair, not nylon) until your skin becomes slightly pinkish. This will open your pores and allow them to breathe better. Through this, for the greater part, your kidneys are relieved. After this, wash your entire body, or at least your upper body, with cold water, then give your body a rub down with a rough terry towel until you feel comfortably warm. More sensitive individuals, especially during the colder seasons, may begin with lukewarm water and graduate to colder water as they progress. (In present times the shower has replaced the above procedure. It is advis able, however, to begin your shower with the water temperature to which you are accustomed and then gradually take a colder shower, in accordance with the time available and the condition of your health. - ED.)

Make this procedure a daily routine and maintain it for the rest of your life. It eliminates tiredness and has a very refreshing effect.

Furthermore, do stretching exercises every morning to keep your body supple. I will not describe any specific physical exercises; the indi vidual should do whatever is best suited for him in accordance with his present physical condition. The main purpose here is that your body should become flexible.


The Mystery of Breathing

Careful consideration should be given to the breathing exercises. In creation, every living creature breathes. Without breath there is no life.

The magician cannot be satisfied with that alone. He has to know considerably more than that he is just inhaling oxygen with nitro gen wltich are absorbed by the lungs, and that he exhales nitrogen. The lungs cannot exist without breathing and nourishment. Everything that we reqitire to live, everything that maintains life, in other words breathing and nourishment, is tetrapolar, has four elements plus the fifth, which is the life element, the vital element or the Akasha principle, as it was explained in the theoretical part of this book dealing with the elements.

The air we inhale possesses a finer degree of density than mate rial, physical food. However, both are of the same nature according to lie universal laws; both are tetrapolar and serve to keep the body alive. let its take a closer look at the function of breathing.

Oxygen is subject to the Fire element. Nitrogen is subject to the Water element. The Air element is the intermediary element. The Earth cletuent is the element which holds the oxygen and the nitrogen together. TIte Akaslia or Ether element is the fifth element, the lawful, the causal or divine principle. Just as in the great universe, in nature, so in this ustattee as well the elements have their electric and magnetic fluids, their polarity.

Even when you breathe normally or instinctively, your body will duly he supplied with as much elemental substance as is necessary for its bruutal maintenance. Here the supply is in accordance with the con Stttttptioiu of the elemental substance.

It becomes a different matter when you begin to breathe conciously. When you transfer a thought, idea or concept, whether abstract br concrete, into the air you are about to inhale, the Akasha principle of that particular air will accept that thought or idea and pass it on to the air substance through the electric and magnetic fluids.

This impregnated substance of the air then has two tasks when it is directed through the lungs to the blood vessels.

First, the material parts or particles of the elements serve to maintain the body.

Second, the electromagnetic fluid charged with the idea or concept will lead the electromagnetic air tinged with the idea out of the bloodstream, through the astral matrix to the astral body, and reflect it from there through the mental matrix to the immortal spirit.

From the magical point of view this is the solution to the mystery of breathing. Many divine schools of thought, for instance the hatha yoga system, make use of and give instruction on conscious breathing without knowledge of the proper procedure. Some of these breathing exercises are extreme and, as a result, many students have severely harmed their health. This has occurred when these breathing exercises were practiced without the guidance of an experienced teacher (guru). It occurs quite often when an inexperienced person is misled by the promise of quick results in acquiring occult powers. In reality this can be achieved considerably faster through a universal system of initiation like the one in this book.

Therefore, the quantity of air inhaled is not as important as the quality in respect to the idea which one places into the air substance. For that reason it is not necessary, nor even advisable, to overload the lungs with air and needlessly strain them in this manner. Instead, do your breathing exercises slowly and calmly, without haste.

Make yourself comfortable, either by lying down on a bed or sofa or by sitting in a comfortable chair. Relax your entire body and breathe through your nose. Imagine that, with the air, you inhale health, tranquility (calmness), inner peace (contentment), success (What is meant here is the sum total of complete health, tranquility and inner peace, and not "material" success. - ED.) or whatever you are trying to achieve first (These four attributes are an important part of the foundation for all future exercises; they should be practiced preferably in the order given here, one attribute at a time, until the student has the feeling that he has achieved his goal during the exercises. - ED.), and that it passes through your lungs and through your blood over into your body. Whatever you are trying to cluieve whether it be peace or success, must be imagined so intensively hat tlte air which you inhale is impregnated with your wish to the point itit it has already become a reality. Nor the slightest doubt should arise during this exercise.

In order not to become weary, it suffices to begin with seven breaths of air in the morning and seven in the evening. In accordance with one's own ability, gradually increase the number of breaths. It would be safe to increase daily by one breath in the morning and one in ftc evening. When doing these exercises, always take your time - never overdo anything - for everything requires a certain amount of time. Do not change from one wish to another until the initial wish has been completely fulfilled. A highly gifted student will meet with success in seven days at the earliest. Everything depends upon the degree of aptitude and one's power of imagination. Other students may require several weeks in order to realize their wishes, while others might even require months. Even the kind of wish itself can make a great difference as to how much time is required. It is therefore advisable that in the beginning the wish should not be selfish, but rather select one which is mentioned above, such as health, tranquility (calmness), inner peace (contentment) and success. When you practice these breathing exercises, do not exceed thirty utuinutes. Later, ten minutes in the morning and ten in the evening should suffice.

Conscious Intake of Nourishment

What we have learned about breathing also applies to the intake of nourishment for our physical body. Here, too, the same elemental proc usses occur as in the inhalation of air, with the exception that the effect tf the elements is more material and coarser. Food which is impregnated Witlt a wish has a particularly strong effect on the material plane, because It ts suubjccted to the coarsest material elemental emanations. A magician would be well advised to consider this aspect if he wishes to achieve success in regards to his own body or other material wishes.

Whenever you have a meal, place the food which you are about to eat directly in front of you and, with the most intense imagination of which you are capable, concentrate on the idea that your wish be em. bodied in the food and that it is as effective in this manner as if it were already a reality. Should you be alone and undisturbed or unwatched by anyone, you can hold your hands over the food and bless it, and you can also close your eyes. Should this opportunity not present itself, then impregnate the food with your wish. This will give people the impression that you are praying, which is really what you are doing. Then eat the food slowly but consciously, with the inner conviction that your wish actually passes over into your entire body, into the finest nerves, with the food that you are eating. That which is for Christians the communion must be for you the intake of food; it is, so to speak, a sacred act.

It is therefore not advantageous for your magical development to eat in haste. All food and beverages are suitable for the magical impreg nation of wishes. But there is a condition: always eat and drink every thing that you have impregnated; nothing but nothing should be left over. Never read while you eat. Unfortunately, many people are afflicted with this bad habit. Also, you should not speak or carry on a conversa tion during your meal. You eat merely for the purpose of maintaining your wish. Furthermore, pay attention that you do not add another wish, especially an opposite one. In other words, when you practice the con scious or magical breathing exercise and you wish for health, you cannot, for example, concentrate on success during the meal. It is advantageous to express the same wish when you practice your breathing exercises as well as when you have a meal, so that you do not produce opposite ra diation vibrations in the body. An old proverb states: "Whoever attempts to catch two hares at the same time, catches none." Those who are pre pared, during their conscious intake of food, for the Eucharistic secret will find here the analogous connection. The profound and real signifi cance of Christ's words will be revealed to such an individual: "Take and eat, for this is My body, drink ye all of it, for this is my blood."


The Magic of Water

Not only is water one of the most important elements in our daily lives, it is absolutely necessary for drinking, for the preparation of food, for bathing, washing our clothes, cleaning our house, producing steam etc. And yet the Water element is also a great factor in our magical develop ment. This has already been mentioned in the theoretical part of this hook — that magnetism or the attractive power is subject to the Water elemetut It is this attribute which we especially want to employ in our development. In books that deal with healing magnetism, Od emanation etc., you will read that water can be magnetized or loaded with Od. But very little is known concerning how this attribute can be expanded upon or how it can be otherwise applied. Not only water but all liquids have the specific attribute of attraction and, as a consequence of this contrac tion, they have the ability to retain influences, whether good or bad.

The Water element and especially physical or material water can be regarded as an accumulator. The colder the water is, the greater its capacity to accumulate. Water reaches its greatest receptivity at 390F (+4"C), its fullest specific weight.

This fact is not too significant, because the differences in regards to the receptivity of water (or other liquids) up to 43"F (+60C) are so uninure and so barely perceptible that only a well-versed magician will be able to notice them.

When water becomes warmer as a result of its increasing heat, its receptive ability diminishes rapidly. Water becomes neutral to magnetism hetween 970 and 990F (+360 and 370C).

Pay attention to the following: we are dealing here only with the Specific attribute in respect to the attractive power, and with the practical significance in respect to magnetism which comes forth out of the knowledge of the reciprocal effect of the elements and which has to be accepted as a foregone conclusion.

The impregnation of a substance with a wish can be accom Plislued with any object and at any temperature (no matter what the ob ject, including physical water, as the actual impregnation takes place through the Akasha principle). It could be a piece of bread, a bowl of hot soup, a cup of coffee or tea that is magically charged. This type of charging or loading does not depend upon the accumulative ability of the Water element, but is accomplished through the causal principle, the fifth power of the elements, and becomes effective through the electro. magnetic fluid of the respective elements. In order to avoid errors, you have to pay attention to these differences.

For example: A bowl of hot soup cannot be magnetized, because the accumulative ability of the Water element is equilibrated or on the increase through the expansive force of heat contained in the water, pro vided the temperature rises above 99"F (+37"C). However, the soup can be impregnated with a particular wish.

Now let us begin with the practice of the magic of water. From now on, whenever you wash your hands, concentrate intensively on the fact that you no longer simply remove the dirt from your body by wash ing it, but you also remove the filth from your soul. Think that you cleanse yourself of sickness, restlessness, discontentment or failure, and that you transfer them into the water. Wherever possible, wash yourself with or under running water so that the dirty water can be disposed of immediately, and concentrate on the idea that your weaknesses are washed away with the water running down the drain.

In the event that there is no running water available and you have only a wash-bowl or sink at your disposal, make certain that after you have transferred all your weaknesses into the water you immediately throw it away, so that no other human being may come into contact with that water.

You can also immerse your hands for awhile in cold water, then concentrate intensively on the idea that the astral-magnetic power at tracts all weaknesses from your body and soul.

Be completely convinced that all failures pass over into the wa ter. You will be surprised within a relatively short time by the success Of this exercise. Make certain that you dispose of the water immediately. This exercise has an extraordinarily strong effect if you practice it in a river in the summertime where you can immerse the entire body, with the exception of the head.

This exercise can also be practiced the other way around, first by magnetizing or impregnating your intended wash water with a wish. You must be firmly convinced that the power passes over into your body and ulue wislu becomes a reality when you wash yourself with the water.

Should a person have enough time, both exercises can be done otue after the other. Pirst, transfer all the negative characteristics into the water, either by letting the water run over your hands under a tap or in a wpatate wash basin. You can use soap when you wash off your negative characteristics. Secondly, you can wash yourself with water that is im preptuated with a wish.

Female initiates, besides the two above-mentioned possibilities, have a third possibility, namely they can concentrate their magnetism upon the water to make the face and complexion fresher, younger, more elastic and attractive. It is therefore advisable not only to wash your face but to immerse your entire face in the impregnated water for a few seconds. Repeat this procedure at least seven times. A pinch of borax can be udded to the water for this purpose.

The magician has yet another possibility, and that is to prepare a magtuetic eye bath" in the following manner. First boil enough water to a sink to the extent that you can immerse your face in it without the sink overflowing, and then let the water sit overnight in a container. Next nuorning, pour the water into the sink. Then magnetize the water lur your particular purpose or impregnate it with your concentrated wish. lunutuerse your face in the water and open your eyes, then roll your eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise; repeat this procedure seven ttmes. Should your eyes burn initially, it is only temporary; they will become accustomed to this exercise.

Should you suffer from weak eyesight, it would be advantageous tuu add a weak infusion of eyebright herb to the water. The botanical name is Euphrasia Officinalis. These eye baths make the eyes more resistent, especially in regards to changes in the weather; they remove weaknesses of the eyes, strengthen the eyesight and make the eyes clear and hriglut

Students that have advanced to the level of clairvoyance may further their clairvoyant capabilities through this exercise.


As far as Step I is concerned, this concludes the physical development and schooling of the human body.

Summary of the Exercises in Step I

I. Magical Schooling of the Spirit

II. Magical Schooling of the Soul

III. Magical Schooling of the Physical Body

We should allow anywhere from fourteen days to one month for each of these exercises. This time allotment is for those individuals who have already practiced meditation and concentration, Those students who are inexperienced in Hermetics will probably require more time and therefore have to extend this exercise period in accordance with their needs Success depends upon the individuality of the student. It serves no purpose in practice to proceed to the next step without first having mastered or properly completed the present step.


End of Step I


It can take many months for Step I to be fully completed. This should not discourage the aspiring initiate, for spiritual development is all individually based. Such a length of time to complete this step is usually attributed to a lack of theoretical knowledge. Again, the theory must be read many, many times and must become the mental property of the student, as described in the second to the last paragraph of the theoretical part of this book. Also, the instrutctions must be followed precisely and the exercises must not be interrupted otherwise the student will severely regress. - ED.