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The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

Use Banishing Earth pentagrams under normal circumstances. Words in parenthesis are only for pronunciation guides or translation and are not to be spoken.


  1. Face East. Touching the forehead say Ateh (Unto Thee)
  2. Touching the breast say Malkuth (the Kingdom)
  3. Touching the right shoulder, say Ve-Geburah (and the power)
  4. Touching the left shoulder, say Ve-Gedulah (and the glory)
  5. Clasping the hand upon the breast, say le-OLAHM, AMEN (to the ages, Amen)
  6. Facing East, make pentagram (that of Earth) with the proper weapon (e.g. wand). Vibrate IHVH (Ye-ho-vah)
  7. Turning to the South, the same, but vibrate ADNI (Adonai)
  8. Turning to the West, the same, but vibrate AHIH (Eh-hey-eh)
  9. Turning to the North, the same, but vibrate AGLA (AGLA)
  10. Return East. Extend the arms in the form of a cross and say:
  11. Before me Raphael
  12. Behind me Gabriel
  13. On my right hand Michael
  14. On my left hand Auriel
  15. For about me flames the pentagram,
  16. And in the column stands the six-rayed Star.

17. - 21. Repeat Qabalistic Cross (#'s 1 - 5 )


Banishing Earth Pentagram - draw starting at the point indicated and in the direction of the arrow.