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Modified/Kabbalistic Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

This is a modified version of the Golden Dawn's Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. It has been modified by me to reflect original Jewish/Hebrew Kabbalistic attributions. Note that the direction of circle casting is counter-clockwise for the Southern Hemisphere. © copyright Amoris 2001. All rights reserved.


1. Face East. Visualize an Orb of White Brilliance above your head. This is your 'Kether'. (You should be visualizing that you're elevating your consciousness to the highest level of Divinity/Unity/Allness that you can imagine at this point.) When you can see it clearly and bright, reach your weapon (wand/dagger) up into it, and bring down the light from it into your forehead and into the middle of your head- straight down from the orb of light.

Touching the forehead with the tip of the dagger say "Ateh." (Ah-teh - "Unto Thee")

2. Bring the Light down through your Middle-Pillar/Pranic-Tube (an energy shaft that runs along the spine and straight through the middle of your body) and down through your body, while directing its movement with your weapon and imagine it shooting straight down into the molten core of the Earth. (I usually point and thrust the dagger straight down with help from my other hand so that it points at the ground in front of me after directing the energy from Crown to Feet through the body.) You can imagine that this light connects your root chakra and pranic tube to the core of the Earth.

After directing the energy from Crown to Feet in the above manner, say "Malkuth." (Mal-koot - "the Kingdom")

3. Now visualize that your left arm is Red and filled with the Divine forces of Focus/Limitation and Strength.

Touching the left shoulder with the tip of the blade, say "Ve-Geburah." (Veh-Geboorah- "and the power")

4. Visualize that your right arm is White and filled with the Divine forces of Giving, Sharing, and Loving Kindness.

Draw a line of light from within your left shoulder to your right, and touching the right shoulder with the tip of the blade, say "Ve-Gedulah." (Veh-Gedulah- "and the glory")

Note: The forces visualized in each arm are thought to be opposites to one another that balance and are complimentary. See Kabbalah for more info.

5. Sweep both hands down, out, then back up and around again in a circular motion, (my palms come together over my head) and come to rest over your heart. Clasping the hands upon the breast, visualize your entire trunk/Torso to be a vivid Purple. This is Tiphareth, the force of Compassion that integrates the forces of Geburah and Chesed (left and right arms respectively).

As you make this motion say "le-OLAHM, Adonai." (leh-Oh-Lahm, Ah-doh-nigh - "to the ages, My Lord")

Note: My hands usually come to rest on the word Adonai.

6. Facing East, make a large Banishing-Earth pentagram with the dagger/wand. (Neon blue is a common color to first see the pentagrams while tracing them. White or even fiery pentagrams may be visualized if that works better for you.)

Stab the weapon into the center of the pentagram and Vibrate "YHVH" (Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh) to charge it.

7. Turning to the North, do the same, but vibrate "ADNI" (Ah-DOH-nai)

8. Turning to the West, do the same, but vibrate "AHIH" (Eh-HEH-yeh)

9. Turning to the South, do the same, but vibrate "AGLA" (Ah-Geh-LAh)

10. Return East. You may either clasp your hands over your heart again or extend your arms in the form of a cross (ala traditional Golden Dawn practice) if you wish.

11. Still facing east, say: "May Michael be at my Right" (pronounced "Mee-kai-el")

Imagine that you feel a presence to your right and along the right side of your body and face. It can feel like a tingling sensation or heat or cold etc. Think of this sensation as Michael. Michael is often viewed as a messenger of God. (Sometimes thought of as a warrior of God - see Torah for details.) Imagine that the presence of a divine warrior/messenger is on your right side.

12. "Gabriel at my Left" (pronounced "Gah-bree-el")

Imagine a presence on your left side. Try to feel some physical pressure or tingling just as you did with your right side. Think of this sensation as the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel means "strength of God." Try to retain the sensation of the Divine Warrior/Messenger on your right and Divine Strength on your left simultaneously.

13. "Auriel before me" (pronounced "Or-ee-el")

With eyes closed, imagine that a bright light is shining in front of you. This is Auriel, "the Light of God." You should feel presences on 3 sides of you now.

14. "Raphael behind me" (pronounced "Rah-Fay-el")

Imagine a presence behind you. This is the Archangel Raphael, "the Healing power of God." Now you are surrounded on all sides by a Divine Warrior/Messenger, Strength, Healing, and Light.

15. "And above my head the Shekhinah, the Divine Presence."

Imagine a huge kind and protective cloud of bright light above you. This is the Shekhina, the (feminine) imminent presence of Divinity (by whatever names and forms you know it). Feel this presence/force slowly descending around you, surrounding you with protection, and enclosing you in the most peaceful state of mind you've ever felt. In this state, surrounded by divine protection, healing, strength, and light, you should feel absolutely secure and safe.

16. Meditate on the attributes of the 4 archangels for a few minutes to strengthen their connection with you. You may even take a few minutes to vibrate their names and invoke their forces into you and/or into visualized forms around you.

17.-21. Repeat Qabalistic Cross (#'s 1 - 5 )



Banishing Earth Pentagram - draw starting at the point indicated and in the direction of the arrow.


Additional Suggestions for Practice

1. The names of Archangels in Hebrew letters may be printed onto paper and positioned on corresponding walls for greater effectiveness during invocation at the end of the LRP, as well as for the purpose of creating a more secure and energetically stable working environment due to the charging of those printed names through repeated use. Here are some examples that may be printed and attached to the walls (near the ceiling) of your temple space:

Michael - place this image on the Southern wall.

Gabriel - place this image on the Northern wall.

Auriel - place this image on the Eastern wall

Raphael - place this image on the Western wall.


2. The final phrase "And above my head the Shekhinah, the Divine Presence," may be changed to, "And within me the Shekhinah, the Divine Presence." I sometimes use this wording while clasping my hands at my heart to identify myself as one with the divine presence of G-d.


3. Often, between step #s 9 and 10, I'll return to face east and then add the tracing and charging of a large Hexagram above my head (charged with the words "Ain Soph" or "Ain Soph Aur"), and a cross within a circle or another large Hexagram beneath my feet (charged with the words "Adonai ha-Aretz"). These two are then connected in a line running down through my pranic tube (from crown chakra, down through spine, then out through root chakra), and are also connected via lines of light to the pentagrams around me. This covers the traditional 6 directions in space and feels more complete to me.


4. During steps 6-9 you may draw the names in Hebrew in the centre of the Pentagrams prior to vibrating each name. This will make those steps more effective.