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Advanced Magick


Practical Applications

Don't bother trying any of the ideas in this section until you've mastered the basics of working with energy spontaneously. Success will depend upon that skill having been obtained first. See the Basic Magick section for more information.


Constructs and Thoughtforms - The creation of spiritual servitors and thoughtforms

Simple Defense System for a Room - This is just for sake of example to provide ideas for your own workings.

Quick examples of instant Non-Ritual Magick workings - Offered to provide a catalyst for your own creative ideas in working with energy.


Planetary Magick

Planetary Ritual of the Hexagram - A possible ritual format for invoking planetary energies with traditional Hexagrams.

Planetary Ritual of the Heptagram - A possible ritual format for invoking planetary energies with Heptagrams.

Planetary Heptagrams - Pictures of the Heptagrams used for the Planetary Ritual.



Misc. Thoughts on Qabalah - VERY old document in need of updating. Contains some brief thoughts on the topic.

Hebrew Alphabet - Exactly what it says it is.

Numbers - Very old document. Contains results of personal research into the possible objective attributes of Arabic numerals

Numbers Part 2 - Additional information on my past usage of numbers

Revised Tree of Life - My alternate version of the Tree of Life. Copyright Amoris 1998. I still make use of the normal version as well.


Enochian Magick

It is assumed that the practitioner will have already progressed to an advanced level of clairvoyant skill and have spent many years purifying his lower self and uniting with his higher self prior to attempting much Enochian work. Beginners are advised to avoid this information for reasons of personal safety. I assume no responsibility for any damage, real or imaginary, that may occur to anyone who refuses to heed this advice.


Enochian Alphabet - Borrowed and touched-up picture of the Enochian Angelic alphabet.

Enochian Keys - spelled phonetically - The result of 8 months of sporadic transliteration work for me. The idea was to create a phonetic version of the keys that conformed more to traditional Latin-style pronunciation. The Spirits themselves had no problem accommodating my request and assisted me throughout the entire process. This is by no means the most correct way to pronounce Enochian.

Pronunciation Key - Pronunciation aid for use with my phonetic version of the Enochian Keys

Enochian Keys in English - Taken from the original sources with no editing.

Enochian Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram - Possible variation. My design. So far extremely effective and otherworldly feeling compared to the traditional versions. Definitely not for the novice to fool with.


Enochian Initiatory Workings: Part One - This is just a possible series of invocations adapted from the works of the late Ben Rowe. I've taken the liberty of writing out his suggestion for Enochian initiatory workings into a performable (and printable) format. See his personal site (if it's still online) on my links page for more details.

Enochian Initiatory Workings: Part Two - This is my slight expansion on his original idea, meant to carry the process of self-purification and inoculation deeper into manifestation while addressing the opposite polarity of physicality via the 2nd Call.

Misc. Notes on the Enochian Initiatory workings - a slightly updated old document

To avoid copyright problems, I have left out Mr. Rowe's suggestions themselves for visualization and intent during the invocation of each spirit so what we have here are just orderly invocations of each lesser angle. The experienced student of Enochian magick should be able to supply his/her own visualizations and anything else necessary to fill out these workings. They will also work without supplying any preconceived intentions or visualizations, thereby allowing those spirits the freedom to purify and equilibrate you as well as they know how. The choice is up to the practitioner.

The Great Invocation of the Primary Enochian forces - just an outline of the steps to invoke all the main Enochian elemental forces. Doesn't include governers of the Aethyrs etc. Can be used as reference, or as the basis for a very LONG working...