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Australian Magick & Paganism

This is a page for all of the links about Australian Magick and Paganism events and info I can find. I'm particularly interested in networking information i.e. local groups, gatherings, festivals, etc. If you have any suggestions for my list don't hesitate to let me know via email.

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Gatherings and Events - "A Celebration of Witchcraft & Paganism." The event has workshops, lectures, shops, stalls, some entertainment etc. Not enormous yet, but not bad for getting an idea of some of the local pagan/magick groups in the area. There are Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne events I believe. - Pagans in the Pub Network. Meetings usually every 2 weeks at a local pub - check directory listings for times and places. - Full moon circle castings at Seven Hills (Sydney) NSW. Appears to be mostly Wiccan in format. - HUGE alternative health and spirituality festival in Darling Harbor, Sydney. Lots of stalls and vendors. - For Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide - "Mitakuye Oyasin Inc. is a Canberra pagan group which aims to promote awareness and acceptance of pagan religions in the general community, to foster an attitude of religious tolerance, and to support and assist members of the pagan community wherever possible. Mitakuye is currently planning its third annual gathering - Gateway 2003 - to be held in Canberra over the Australia Day long weekend. Gateway is intended to be a celebration of the diversity of paganism - a chance for all paths to come together to share beliefs and practices in a supportive environment. It is intended to be a forum for learning and growth, as well as celebration."



Networking, Contacts, and Groups - "The AET is an independant Australian organisation dedicated to Germanic Heathenism - its culture and living history. We promote the study of Northern Mythology, Magic, Religion, Philosophy, Culture and History." - "...the Temple of the Dark Moon, an organisation which was formed in 1999 to promote and provide the teachings of Paganism (in particular Wicca and Wytchcraft), as well as other esoteric and occultic arts - with an emphasis being placed on the Southern Hemisphere." - Rune Net. A Rune-Study Networking Guild. International network for students of the Runes. They offer correspondence courses/info and if you live nearby there are some local meetings and study groups. - "The Australian Pagan Alliance was founded in Australia in 1991 and was incorporated in 1997. It provides a networking and information service to Pagans within Australia and is formally affiliated with similar bodies in Europe, USA and Canada. It also provides information about Pagan religions to official bodies, to the media and any interested parties that require accurate advice about Paganism. The administration team includes an Employment, Anti-Discrimination and Legal Issues Officer and a Media Officer." - Pagan Alliance NSW - Applegrove. "Applegrove is a group of eclectic pagans based in Sydney, Australia. We have no leaders as such, everyone is equal, and all contribute to the teaching of the group. The members of Applegrove have various pagan backgrounds, mostly the focus is eclectic witchcraft with a Celtic base." - Pagan Awareness Network Australia - The Church of All Worlds Australia - O.T.O. Australia - The Australian branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Crowley-influenced occult order that accepted his philosophy of Thelema).



Online Australian Forums and E-Groups - For anyone in Sydney who goes to the pagan pub meetings - A popular Yahoo e-group made especially for Australian pagans, witches, and magick practitioners of all sorts. - For info about upcoming pagan events in Australia