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For those who would prefer the original Jewish versions of Kabbalah. There are VAST differences between Hermetic Qabalah and Jewish Kabbalah.


  cover Mysteries of the Kabbalah - by Marc-Alain Ouaknin. "The Kabbalah has been transmitted orally from masters to disciples since the days of the prophets and recorded in such seminal works as the Book of Splendor (Sepher Ha Zohar) and the Book of Creation (Sepher Ha-Yetzira). Best-selling author and professor Marc-Alain Ouaknin has written a lively text that clearly introduces Kabbalah--the mystical and secret and often baffling tradition of Judaism. In Mysteries of the Kabbalah he explains the ancient myths and symbols that have so profoundly influenced both the Jewish and non-Jewish world.

Among the fascinating topics the author presents are the hearing of angels' voices; Chokmah (a form of transcendental wisdom); the four divine names and the five modalities of being; the light of infinity; as well as the significance of each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. He also explores the vital influence of Kabbalah on art, literature, music, architecture, psychoanalysis, and health. The final chapter covers meditation and prayer. Supplementing the text are more than a hundred illustrations of letters, art, and sculpture.

Mysteries of the Kabbalah will appeal to anyone interested in Judaism, spiritualism, and history."

If you're interested in Jewish Kabbalah, then BUY THIS BOOK! - Amoris


coverSefer Yetzirah : The Book of Creation - In Theory and Practice - Aryeh Kaplan. Fascinating reading. Contains several versions of the text and extensive commentaries on it.

cover Meditation and Kabbalah - Aryeh Kaplan. Useful and informative text with historical (and some practical) info. I found that it helped me to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge of Jewish Kabbalah practice.

  coverGod Is a Verb : Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism - David A. Cooper. Very good and readable text on the basics of Jewish mystical practice and their version of the Kabbalah. I've personally found more effectiveness in my use of the Jewish concepts of the sephiroth than I ever did using the borrowed Hermetic versions. There is such a vast difference between the two schools of thought that you'd think you were looking at two completely unrelated systems. I also like the fact that the Jewish Kabbalah is initially more practical and hands-on than common versions of Hermetic Qabalah in some ways, though it does take more of a scholar to make use of deeper aspects of the Kabbalah since study of the Torah is necessary for comprehension of the material.

cover Kabbalah : The Way of the Jewish Mystic - Perle Epstein. "A comprehensive explanation and history of the secret tradition of Jewish mysticism - its methods, schools, and practitioners."

I personally found this text very informative (regardless of any negative reviews by uninformed people). It made me want to learn more about the Jewish Kabbalah traditions.

cover Kabbalah: A definitive history of the evolution, ideas, leading figures, and extraordinary influence of Jewish mysticism - Gershom Scholem. The title says it all :)


More Books by Aryeh Kaplan: some of the best information on Kabbalah.

For great historical info, read Gershom Scholem's works.