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My Cosmology

To help you to better understand my viewpoints and the information on this site, I've included this very brief and highly condensed list of entities and aspects of the universe that I recognize as existing in my own personal 'system'.   My views have evolved to be very similar to many ancient cultures and traditions.

Point Source- The All.  That from which all things have come.  Simultaneously a point source and part of all things.  Interpenetrates everything.  Neither male nor female.  Above and throughout everything.   I was surprised when I discovered that the ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, and Greeks also shared this concept in their cosmologies.

Gods and Goddesses- Broad category of higher beings (vast formless consciousnesses) that exist and carry out various higher functions in the universe.   Often seem to be centered around particular stars. Note: Some are by nature evil and it isn't always wise to worship them and take on their aspects.   Just like people, they are all different and some won't hesitate to use you as a pawn. You'll have to use your own judgement.

There are two forms of 'gods' from my observation.  The first and primary form of what we call a 'god' is the actual consciousness of the entity itself; the true Being that goes by that particular name etc.  The second form is a collective human impression of that particular 'god' or 'higher being' that exists in the group mind of humanity, and was created through the interaction of the Real god and humans.  In other words, it's just a collective human Construct of how humans (as a race) view that particular god's personality/attributes.   (A construct is a fabricated spiritual servitor, by the way, but the term can be used to describe any non-physical structure created by a person or group of people as well.)

Demigods- Another broad category of higher beings.  Seem to have a regulatory function as well.

Angelic beings- Wasn't sure where to place this group.  Huge category of beings that facilitate the functioning of various aspects of existence.  Difficult to classify since there are so many different types and functions.  Some deal with planetary energies, others the human population, etc.  I usually ignore the common Christian misconceptions of Angels when I do research on them. If it's part of a heirarchy, has the function of regulating natural phenomenon, energies, or assisting others specifically and consists of higher frequency energies, then I tend to think of it more as 'angelic' in nature.

Elementals- Fire spirits, water spirits, etc.   If something deals with the functioning of nature and elemental energies and consists of those energy types, then I tend to classify it more as an elemental.  Doesn't always imply that they are simple or less intelligent, just more closely related to those phases of energy known as elemental (fire, water, air, earth).  Each variety of spirit tends to have its own temperament.   Dragons and Faeries might loosely fit in this category because of energy characteristics.

Humans-  Seemingly self-explanatory but still a VERY broad catagory.  Not everything that incarnates in a human body is by nature human.  Some are elemental or other spirits who were accidentally pulled in, so that makes it more difficult.  Generally any spirit that exists at this level of development and incarnates in these body types for spiritual growth is considered basically human to me.

There is some speculation that animals aren't always too far away from humans, by the way.  Many of us appear to have started out incarnating in simpler animal bodies and worked our way up to this stage of evolution.

Plant Spirits-  Most have some intelligence.  Astrally some tend to look rather formless. I had the opportunity to view plant spirits from some cut Sage astrally, and they looked like flowing blobs of water almost, but had definite intelligence.

Weather Spirits-  See elementals

Animal Spirits-  Incarnating spirits of actual animals. Can be spoken to and worked with as they are just as conscious with their own force of Will like most other spirits. Most incarnate animals think in feelings rather than words, and some can perceive psychic phenomena to varying degrees since no one ever told them that they couldn't while they were growing and developing. I've noticed that most domestic animals such as cats and dogs tend to be more sensitive on the watery/astral/emotional levels than anything else.

Power Animal Spirits-  Often these are considered to be forces within an individual that can be accessed and worked with, and they are represented to that individual in animal form when viewed astrally.

Demonic Entities-  Nasty things that don't like humans no matter what they tell you.  Most will tell you anything you want to hear in order to use you.  Many varieties.  All negative and selfish. You often have to either make a deal with them or force them to work for you...either case is less desireable to me as I prefer to work with more divine beings.

This is only an incomplete list of entities that I recognize as existing in my own personal workings.  Most don't fit into any one classification. If you should decide to work with an entity always remember to RESPECT it and DON'T try to force it to do your bidding as though it were inferior to you. I try to treat all conscious beings as at least equal with myself unless it would not be safe to do so (e.g. some forms of demonic evocation).


Levels of Manifestation

There aren't really 'levels' exactly since everything is interconnected, but this is another general classification I've used in the past to describe where (in terms of density) in manifestation something might be existing and in what form.   Levels could possibly be thought of as vibratory rates, since everything is in vibration and has a 'frequency' of sorts.  There are equivalents to this concept in current scientific knowledge.
More Pure Spirit- Allness.
Fire- Intuitive thought (without form).  Corresponds to H.G.A. or higher aspects of self  (I don't say 'higher self' because most of us are already 'one' within ourselves; magickal training helps us realize that.).
Air- Intellectual thought (with form).  Corresponds to Ruach, or the central decisive consciousness.
Water- Subconscious thought (visual thought and images etc.) Corresponds with astral plane that most are familiar with and the 'level' (vibratory rate) that dreams exist at.  Corresponds to Subconscious.
More Dense

(deeper into manifestation)

Earth- Ethereal level.  Body awareness, auras, the energy 'level' or vibratory rates just before physical matter begins and physical matter itself (depending on the set of philosophy being used). The level and corresponding 'element' of Earth is made up of a combination of all previous levels. (The archetypal energy/force of 'elemental earth' is a solidifying force. The 'level' of 'Earth' on the Tree of Life is the physical realm.)

This table is VERY incomplete.  It's just a borrowed idea from the Qabalists, modified and arranged into a form that illustrates energy from the most pure to most dense in relation to physical matter.  There is much that doesn't fit into this system (or any other).  I've seen similar diagrams that describe levels of manifestation using the traditional chakra system and relating each chakra to a particular type of consciousness and levels/frequencies of reality.

Generally, I see other dimensions as only different frequencies or aspects of the world we're already normally aware of (physical realm), and all of them are interconnected.  It's not quite like the layers of an onion at all, since all the 'layers' (if you can call them that) interpenetrate one another.  Even when you merely walk across the room your body is passing through thousands of other unseen dimensions which occupy the same place in space, but none of them disturb each other since they exist on different (higher or lower) frequencies of reality.

Reality is Infinite and All things are interconnected.