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Dart Board Excerpt #1

One of my personal favorites!

Part 1 - Tedium ad nausium

This that I post today on this most wondrous evening, would be for those languid fragments of pseudo-humanity who delight in the display of their evolutionary advances upon the earlier design of the supra-esophageal ganglion. Yes, it is the recent public trend toward the elevation of grey matter and the cerebral cortex to its currently sublime state of near-cult worship that I refer to here. More specifically, what are being addressed are those individuals who believe to have polished such intellectual acrobatic feats to a high degree of flamboyancy while embarking upon the pursuit of magickal status and personality-inflation, wherever they may exist on this marvelous planet of ours. It occurred to me the previous morn that the overbalance of the Hodian perspective to the detriment of Netzach through the proliferation of mental masturbatory drivel (the likes of which have been known to tire a ground sloth to tears while attempting to find substance or purpose in such verbal meandering) might create an obstacle to one's personal spiritual development. Therefore, I've devised this wonderful method of energetic catharsis with the hopes that it might prove useful (as both an enema and a catalyst for true human emotions and experience, if you will) in unclogging the constipated neurons of apparent self-proclaimed genius that weave their way through the synapses of such fragile minds as can be found perched upon well-worn elbows aloft arms of the finest in antique furnishings. It is in those hallowed libraries and personal studies throughout the land that the forlorn and forgotten few of class and poise ruminate upon the workings of divinity, all the while avoiding the possibility of the accumulation of personal empirical data itself. (Seemingly in preference to that which can be found in the rehashed piles of dusty volumes from ages long passed.) Much like a jilted fart from the staggering vagabond that goes unrecognized in his drunken stupor, they remain lonely and ever craving the sorts of tedious discourse that will provide their soul with the public appreciation they require for emotional sustenance. (Which could only be indicative of unresolved parental issues involving a lack of praise at a young age.) And yet, that sustenance they seek through the structure of the rational facilities alone! Is not man a multi-faceted being capable of emotion and experience? If they only knew that true joy as can be found within the bosom of bliss wherein the sleeping masses of humanity dwell and know as freedom from the burdens of excessive leisure and intelligence. Woe! Woe! And verily woe is he who steps in the path of this Jurassic archetype of society! May that crusty old seeker of endless thought-with-form flourish in his antiquity and be enlivened by the senseless and cyclic toiling of his pen. For it is his way toward the conquering of his own ego, whether he know it to be true or not.

Without further delay, I present to the world this marvel of the base, vile, and yet oddly necessary in our daily (or quad-weekly as one's visceral regularity may dictate) routine. May the pompous and self-absorbed multitudes who conduct themselves in an overly serious manner be stricken by its simplicity and succumb to the cosmic prankster who consistently reminds us that we're ALL still forms of the human animal outwardly, regardless of how spiritual we might be on the inside.

Segue to Part 2 - Interlewd


The Rite of Ritual Defecation

Tools and materials required: 1 Holey Sacrificial Bowl (common toilet that has been dedicated to magickal work), ceremonial tissue paper (in rolls preferably), deodorant spray, and the usual sacrificial offerings appropriate to this Rite. If necessary an empty tissue roll may be used as a temporary wand.

1. Firstly, secure and clear the ritual space in the usual manner by closing (and preferably locking) the chamber door and then perform preliminary banishings according to one's traditions.

2. Next, assume the proper position (i.e. perched aloft the magickian's 'throne' in the appropriately semi-disrobed fashion).

3. Now, activate and open corresponding energy centers (e.g. root or 1st chakra) for the auric purification and any other energy work to be done. One might use a previously learned grounding exercise and then systematically open the other chakras to ensure proper energy flow through the auric sphere.

4. When ready, the magickian may concentrate all negative emotions and tensions such as anger toward people or situations, sadness, depression, etc. and direct them into the ritual offering (which is still to be found in its entombed position held securely within the grasp of the magickian's rectal sphincter).

5. While vibrating any and all appropriate names whether voluntarily or involuntarily, the magickian should then deposit the ritual offering(s) into the Holey Sacrificial Bowl, thus releasing them from his body and purifying his energy field. The Sign of the Excretor may be used while releasing the offering (sitting version of the Sign of the Enterer), and a more accurate version of the Sign of Silence (Harpocrates sitting upon a lotus) may be used to cut off the flow of energy after each release.

6. One should visualize the emotional tensions which were concentrated into each offering as being permanently released from one's sphere of consciousness, only to be dissolved over time in the septic waters which carry away impurities toward their return to the Source of All. Meditation on the significance of this cycle of endless return may also prove beneficial later.

7. If the magickian is lucky enough, the Holey Sacrificial Bowl (corresponding to Water and really just a larger version of a common ritual chalice) may deem him worthy of the anointing of a watery kiss upon his root chakra after a particularly substantial release. This may also help to alleviate any initial pain or irritation that may have been experienced in that area. Pain is a part of life, and often encountered when dealing with one's inner turmoils, tensions, and unresolved emotional conflicts.

8. Following the completion of this Holey Rite, the magickian should then perform the final cleansing with the ceremonial tissue. Then, send the offerings on their way to return to the Source, assured all the while of one's emotional tensions being dissolved over time in the septic waters of creation and renewal.

9. When once again fully robed, perform the proper rituals to close the ceremony according to one's tradition, and banish with deodorizing spray.

10. Cleanse the hands in the usual manner, and return to the world of people with the smug satisfaction that they are completely unaware of what you've REALLY been doing in there all this time. Note: a magazine carried under the arm is a good cover-up for this Rite.


Part 3 - Finale

Before I start, I'd like to apologize to those who have expressed their distaste in this matter to me privately. It is with much regret that I must attend to the situation thusly, as such elements of the internet make their way into our discussion circle on occasion. My tone in this message is appropriate for the person being addressed, and I recommend that others ignore this post if they have found the recent trend of wordiness EXTREMELY annoying. (As I certainly have- writing like a dried-up fruit is SOOO boring and tedious!)


Start of Post:

"Interesting (and most revealing) post, Amoris (smile). Certainly, humor is necessary to Magick (even if only in discussion, and even that of the "toilet" variety I suppose)."

Certainly revealing in that I'm a human who possesses the ability to laugh and appreciate the earthy qualities of life, as I see no need to pose and posture as though it were below me. More than I could say for you unfortunately. Much as I suspected, lacking common human social skills you've completely missed the point AND the butt of the joke (pun intended). In fact, you've pretty much responded exactly the way I anticipated from having spent so much time with others of your caliber and demeanor.

"And now my friend, do you have anything of substance to contribute to this group?"

If you'd bothered to spend the time to read my past contributions to this group as well as many others, and my efforts online to further more correct and practical information on magick from the viewpoint of an actual practitioner, you wouldn't have made such a spurious and uninformed comment. Funny you should mention the issue of substance; most of the other practitioners I've been receiving complaints from on this and other forums regarding You have all mentioned that your own contributions and personal 'essays' seem to have a certain wordy lack thereof.

"As to my motives here, as well as elsewhere, I merely seek sincere and serious discussion on those matters that pertain to all which you advertise so boldly and forthrightly within your "Founder's Message," Amoris."

If that were true then you'd have ample amounts of personal information to share regarding your Experiences from actually practicing magick. That is, rather than the same rehashed drivel from other authors and cyclic philosophizing which you seem to proliferate elsewhere on the net. I suspect you aren't a practitioner at all. However, I care not whether you truly are, and feel no need to expend the effort in the pursuit of such knowledge.

"Consequently, because of those motives, I do not feel moved to satisfy your (or any other's) whims, with regard to mere curiosity."

In other words, when faced with a legitimate question as to one's actual EXPERIENCES (this does not refer to personal information about one's social/career/family life) you avoid the issue and pretend to be much too elevated an individual to bother with anything human and sincere like that.

"And of course, you may "monitor" as you please, as every other may also-- there is hardly anything private about these posts. But then perhaps you might be better advised to place more of your "concern" upon being the "founder," which you have reiterated and asserted that you are, than merely being the club's "monitor."

My concern as Founder of this respectable forum is to ensure that it remains accessible by those who honestly wish to share their ideas and experiences with others. Allow me to cite the ancient Chinese philosophy of Rectification of Names here, wherein a person of any specific position should be able to demonstrate the qualities of said position in order to wear its title. With that said, the Job of a Founder is to maintain a positive environment, offer ideas on occasion if he/she feels they will be helpful, and MONITOR club activity to make sure that the online environment is not polluted by those who would seek to disrupt it. I'd say my track record of the past in this forum has been exceptional for displaying those qualities. Really, the only difference between other members and myself is the fact that I have the ability to delete disruptive and disrespectful members. I always keep in mind that I'm no better or worse than anyone on this forum when posting…but I don't forget about my responsibility to tend the garden and eliminate any common pests when complaints flood my inbox about them. As you can see, the people really do have a voice here, and I respect that and take action on their behalf when petitioned to do so.

Furthermore, to assume a position of authority with me and pretend to have control over my online creation is much the same as walking into someone's house and ordering them around. I respect the views and authority of other founders when I venture into their clubs because I did not create or promote those forums and have no right to come in and 'rule' things. I'd recommend you rethink your childish fantasies of authority, power, and perceived intellectual 'superiority'. I refuse to pander to your ego and give you the attention you seem to require so much by allocating any authority to you.

By the way, you'll notice that at no point have I made any claims to be more than I am. I am a human, and a student who is completely unconcerned with establishing a 'reputation' or 'status' in the eyes of others. Such a pursuit would take me away from my path of non-ego based spiritual development. I do not believe there are any 'masters' in this universe - only fellow students. The only personal concern I retain while participating in this and other forums is toward learning through the interaction with others (emotionally and intellectually), and I've learned quite a bit over the last year as this club's founder. I've learned that I must remain tolerant of the views of others, although I might not agree, since they have just as much right to exist as I do. I've also learned the hard way that time spent arguing with those who obviously seek only to disrupt while contributing little in an attempt to usurp control of the forum, is time wasted that cannot ever be regained in life. Life is Experience, and Experience Teaches. All else is wasted effort, or merely a tool for future experience.

I appreciate the Castaneda quote as it does have much merit, by the way. The tactics made use of in that post to further the motive of debunking the credibility of the Founder were quite transparent and childish however. Most lamentable…all that intelligence wasted on unresolved emotional conflict and egocentricity. Perhaps you'd like to go back and really read closely what Castaneda wrote about Juan Matus' views of the ego and the pitfalls of self-importance, and then apply them to yourself before spouting them without full comprehension of the message intended therein.

Have a nice life!

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem


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