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Dart Board Entry #2

heheh some people need to read a little further before they jump to conclusions

>I really enjoyed your informative and original instructions for astral projection. Not! You are a complete fool that I would be willing to bet can't even astral project after your ten years of so called extensive experience magic. Do you really think that you are going to find magic in a waldenbooks or a B. Dalton?? I guess you did because you are a fool


THANK-YOU :) I almost peed myself laughing so hard! You assume much without any previous and factual investigation. Honestly, such a dull display of ad hominem mixed with spurious conclusions I haven't witnessed since the last time I mistakenly entered into heated debate with a religious fundamentalist over the infallibility of scripture.

You obviously haven't read the part on my site about negative comments being ignored or publicly laughed at :) For your information, I've been projecting from time to time since I was 5 and I rarely peruse either bookstore since the majority of my training has been hands-on under supervision of other practitioners. As I mentioned in the very beginning, I don't claim to be the supreme ultimate ANYTHING. I only claim to be ME - an eternal student. If you don't like it, you're welcome to bugger-off Intelligently and Gracefully (neither of which attribute you've displayed thus far, having troubled yourself to berate me in a manner more befitting an undisciplined school-child with more than a little repressed jealousy toward his peers due to his personal insecurities). My site obviously isn't for you, but nevertheless it is my attempt at some form of public service to others whom, like me, have embarked upon such a path of development and personal exploration. I'd say that my attempt to share information, however limited it may prove to be for some, is far more helpful than (some of) the elitist lodge-junkies that prefer to remain tight-lipped with no intention of benefiting their fellow human beings. As an intelligent adult you had the choice of moving on to find other avenues to amuse yourself within this vast expanse of cyberspace. In an attempt to cleave my self-confidence, you however, chose to lash out verbally in a seemingly anonymous environment (though mistakenly so) using all the bluntness and tact of a polish sausage jammed through the gaping and hungry hole of a glazed doughnut. Unfortunately, you've failed miserably. It's ok, it happens to the thoughtlessly uninformed all the time.

Regarding the astral projection info on my site, I didn't feel like rewriting the same information that practically everyone has available in published form. Call it laziness, but I saw no reason to repeat publicly available information. Virtually every version of methodology I've seen either in print or received directly from my mentors has been nearly identical, the biggest and most important factor of success having to do with deep relaxation. I must concur with that consensus of opinion since I found that I project most easily when in a deep state of relaxation brought on through meditative practice. What works for me won't work for everyone, but there are many ways in which to accomplish any one thing. The one that works for you is the one that's right (all else is bullshit). I'd presumed that those self-motivated students of magick and the occult would be able to take what they needed from my site and others and follow the book recommendations until they were able to meet up with other practitioners in order to gain the skills they are working toward. Obviously there is no book in print or that can be written down that will EVER take the place of personal experience, and many experiences are nearly impossible to relay to others in written form with any hope of conveying the depth that they had when perceived first-hand.

Rather than taking personal offense (one must overvalue ego in order to be offended) at such a poor attempt at tongue lashing, I'm actually more curious as to your psychological reasoning for going through the trouble to 'name-call' in the first place. Are you jealous of those who can project while you work in vain without results? Or are you one of the home-brewed types who believe they possess some sacred shard of hitherto unknown knowledge or experience that no one else would understand since it isn't of the mainstream occult movement? I've made both mistakes in the past and now I really don't care what others think of my methods or views. They are mine and they work for me. I don't pretend to know best for everyone. I do know that I've had real experiences with other practitioners which are certainly not of the mainstream and would be considered a bit 'hard-core' by some, but I also know now that my experiences are by no means isolated or unique. No matter how rare or special one thinks oneself to be, there are always others out there who have had similar experiences of things such as astral warfare, being ripped out of body and taken places, telekinesis, demonic possession etc. etc. ETC. It's an infinite universe we live in. Childish finger pointing and name-calling only hinder progress rather than advancing the occult arts and sciences.

I must thank you again for keeping my ego on its toes and providing me with an excellent source of amusement. It's been ages since I've been so tickled to think that someone would be moved by me to spout so inanely and immaturely as you have. I consider this both a lesson and an observation in human psychology, and I've learned much from this event that you have instigated. In conclusion, I must drop my pants and salute you in silliness regrettably unequal to your own, as I am certain I am quite unable to match your impulsiveness and elegance of execution in rhetoric and electronic correspondence. :)



(A grand Ox of a Fool if he is lucky enough to attain to such a state in his development of personal consciousness) speak of a Fool as though it were a bad thing ;)