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Excerpt 18

>Thank you for replying. i guess the question i am asking is where do the people who have >knowledge or experience, learn it? Thank you for your time.

To completely sum up the answer to your question simply: Experience Teaches. Book learning may help along the way, but only real experience will truly teach. The people who have knowledge (not the book variety of knowledge either) obtain it through personal experience via astral projection and developing their skills of clairvoyance. If you don't develop your psychic skills then magick will be pointless and impossible in my opinion. I was taught the basics of energy manipulation by my mentors, but for the most part even I was expected to go out and learn the rest through personal experience in real-life situations. In that sense, I'm no different to those who taught me. Fortunately, all of us have the latent ability to manipulate energy to cause change, it's just a matter of remembering how to sense it.

My recommendations for anyone seeking to study magick:

1. Develop your ability to sense/perceive energy.

2. THEN learn to distinguish the difference between energy from inside of your consciousness, and energy from outside of your consciousness. Most people ignore that step, but it'll save you countless hours of misperception. For example, some people mistakenly think they're under psychic attack (psychic attack is possible but it isn't always from an external source) but then they find out later that the origin of the attack was from within their own minds. Knowing how to tell the difference between internal and external sources of energy/consciousness would have eliminated the problem in those cases.

3. THEN learn to build things with energy and use energy to cause change. Spells and rituals are not necessary for any of this although they might be used as tools for the beginner. Personally I find most 'spellbooks' rather childish and silly, especially in light of what real psychic skill/talent can do in comparison.

When put in this light, most of the books available today at the bookshops are pretty useless in themselves. They won't make anyone a skilled magickian at all, and the majority I've seen are a waste of time and money. If you'd like a source of astral teachers and experience, then I'd suggest first developing your psychic skills (and connecting up consciously with your 'higher-self' or higher spiritual aspects) and then learning to invoke divine entities/spirits such as the Enochian or Hebrew heirarchies of angels and then learning as much as you can from them. Most of the 'knowledge' you will find won't be in any normal physical or audible form usually - it'll be formless and intuitive. That's about all I can think to tell you about this in such a short space.