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Excerpt 37

"hi, i've found your site with initiatory workings, cos i was looking for some basic enochian rites. it looks really interesting so i started to do this."

This isn't something that should be taken too lightly or entered into too quickly unless one has a fair amount of previous magickal experience and knowledge.

"i'm newbie to enochian so i would need some advice. i haven't seen any results for now. i have read something about astral plan and angels, but i don't really know what to do to get results in the shortest time. maybe you could suggest me something?"

If you're new to magick, then I'd suggest not wasting your time looking for ways to get quick results in a short period of time. There is no form of magick that really will do that - they all take lots of work and results will vary depending on the person. Also, if you're completely new to magick practice in general, then I'd recommend forgetting about Enochian work for about 5-10 years while you work on the basic principles as found in works such as Franz Bardon's "Initiation into Hermetics." I can't recommend that book enough!

As far as general results go for the Enochian initiatory workings, you'll tend to get more out of them by bringing more to them. In other words, if you have no experience in magick, then you're less likely to get any conscious results from them. More advanced practitioners may get fast and amazing results that they're fully conscious of. Beginners may get results too but not be immediately conscious of any changes, which is actually rather dangerous for them and the reason why most people suggest beginners not mess with Enochian magick. If you're not conscious of what's going on and haven't developed your psychic/spiritual communication abilities to a high degree, then there's a chance you could drive yourself half insane by not realizing that spiritual forces are circulating within and around you and then neglecting to banish them for days, at the end of which time your nervous system would be shot and delusions of grandeur and/or over-zealous behaviour would be in full swing.

If you're not new to magick, and have sufficiently developed basic skills i.e. energy perception and spirit communication, and you still need some basic books on Enochian, then you could check out my recommended books page and see what you find there. Most Enochian magickians are advanced ceremonial practitioners who don't need to be taught and who form their own rites or are able to quickly adapt the rites/practices of others since they understand the mechanics behind the ritual steps (i.e. they understand what is being done with energy and consciousness during any ritual they read and thus don't need to follow a ritual in recipe fashion). That's partially why there aren't any really good beginning Enochian books written with basic rituals that can be practiced. The Schueler's have a few books out, but as far as I and several others are concerned, they're not much good (Gerald Schueler has some screwy ideas and lots of inaccuracies). Ben Rowe's info, while it is still online, is probably among the very best for getting a general understanding of the material. I'd recommend spending lots of time pouring through his stuff. The original Dee diaries are the very best (and the most difficult to understand), but don't resemble the modern Golden Dawn variations of Enochian practice that most people are familiar with.