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Excerpt 38

"I noted on your web site the part that you had left our Mr. Rowe's suggestions for visualization and intent during the invocation of the spirits during the initiatory rites. I did find an initial work of his where he did entertain the prospect of working out these rites, but I have been unable to locate anywhere that he might have included any form of visualizations for these."

By visualizations I meant his views of what the 5 and 6-lettered names represented etc. The individual practitioner will have to supply any actual picturesque mental visualizations as he/she sees fit beyond that. I prefer to just let them show me what they are and look like rather than try to confine them within some dubious synthetic system that may or may not accurately reflect the true nature of the spirits themselves.

"I am considering that I may attempt a once a week use of these rights, progressing on through until the end, but before I do this I do want to ensure that I am really understanding everything involved to ensure that I indeed have a firm grasp of the work. If you are aware of where this material might be located I would really appreciate it."

If you've found the text transcript of his posting at the Enochian-1 e-list at Hollyfeld then you've found the same material that I based these written-out versions of the workings upon. Essentially the work is Ben Rowe's; I've added nothing other than the idea of having a whole 2nd series of workings starting with the 2nd Call instead of the 1st.

If you're experienced in other forms of magick, then all I can say is to try the initiatory workings and see what happens. Pay attention to energy changes and any visuals they show you and document all dreams etc. Just don't stop part way through; if you plan to begin them then plan to finish them! I had a couple friends who stopped part way and had their lives get temporarily messed up due to energetic imbalance.