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Excerpt 42

"According to the "Cosmo-Conception" MaxHeindel.... the other translation of the "In the beginning...." is "Out of the everexisting essence [of space] the twofold energy formed the double heaven".

Sounds interesting, but I'm not that familiar with his writings, other than some essay on Astrology, since he was essentially a Christian mystic, and my current and past studies have focused more around the traditional Jewish sources when I've had time. Maybe some time in the future I'll get around to his information.

"Also....... the original manuscripts for the Jewish Old Testament had been lost....... so it was translated from Greek."

I don't believe that to be correct, as there is evidence that the Hebrew texts weren't effectively 'lost'. The only reference to them being lost and there being a huge dependence on the Septuagint translation that I could find was in biased and highly questionable information offered online by a Muslim lecturer, presumably in support of Islam. (I'd be interested to find more information for sake of historical accuracy, but for the moment I'm quite unconvinced.) The Jews have had a very long oral tradition going back nearly 2000 years B.C.E., not to mention an extensive tradition of accurate copying of their texts (in Hebrew - anything in Aramaic was done orally on the spot during a service or written later as commentaries) right up to and after the time of the first Greek translation. In all later compiling of Jewish canonical texts there was also an outright refusal to make use of the Greek Septuagint as it was in heavy use by Christians of the time.

Here's a decent link discussing origins of Biblical texts:


This one discusses how the idea that Hebrews had lost their language and used only the Septuagint is a myth:


This link is full of religious overtones, but presents some info on history of the preservation of scriptures:


"Which makes sense because essentially chokmah being force & binah being container......"

For anyone unfamiliar with the traditional Jewish/Kabbalistic viewpoint, Chokmah (pronounced with a phlegmy "H" sound rather than a "Ch") is seen as force in the sense of being still an undifferentiated unity which is a projection from Kether (the first point of manifestation from Ain Sof via the beam of light thrust into the vacuum), but Binah is usually considered to be more of the force/intelligence that is the essence of form and the ability to create/delineate form (though not really a 'form' itself). Chokmah and Binah roughly have correspondences to Right and Left hemispheres of the brain in that way (traditional non-hermetic Kabbalah does not back into the tree in its orientation on/within the human body).

"Just as Jehovah is an aspect & corresponds to chokmah."

Traditionally (and non-Hermetically) YHVH is ascribed to Tiferet (though vocalized as Adonai). YH (Yah) is usually associated with Chokmah, though the Yod itself is really what belongs there. The feminine/form-building Heh is added (can be thought of as temporarily 'borrowed' from Binah) for sake of rendering it pronounceable, but it is understood that the Yod itself is more accurately associated with that Sefira.