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Excerpt 49

Some background info:

This bit of correspondence has to do with a situation a local friend became enmeshed in. At the time I was frequently attending a bi-monthly meeting held at a local pub for Pagans in the area to meet up and have discussions. A friend-of-a-friend from years ago (more of an aquaintance, really - I'll refer to him as V.) decided to show up after several years of absence. I'd never met the guy, but I instinctively didn't like him. He was a magick practitioner in his late 40's or early 50's I presume, had an interest in politics (an automatic turn-off for me anyway), and smelled/felt a bit sleezy. However, he was also an artist, and had some highly erotic drawings with him on one occasion. They were well-drawn, but some of them confirmed my initial suspicions of sexual deviancy. I'm by no means perfect or of saintly moral conduct (those who know me also know that I'm not a prude), but I can smell a sex addict a mile away due to past experience with such individuals.

The group of people I usually hung out with at the meeting have known each other for a number of years and are fairly close in some ways. V. showed up about 2 or 3 times before he became openly interested in a female friend of the group, whom I'll refer to as Ms. A. (Since A. temporarily didn't have a place to stay, she was house-sitting for a friend of mine, G., while he was in another state visiting some relatives. This may also have been a factor in the events which follow.) As she described it, they were having a conversation at the pub meeting, when V. asked her to have coffee with him ... alone. At first she declined since, after all, the previous conversations hadn't gone toward either of them showing any interest in each other and she certainly wasn't interested in him. However, he insisted and asked her more forwardly while touching her hand. Ms. A. said she didn't know why she agreed to meet him for coffee. She didn't really want to go. I don't recall the exact details of the coffee date - he may have expressed more open interest in her (he may have used some strange mystical come-ons) and she may have declined. However, after she went home, and while she was trying to sleep, A. said she heard a voice and felt a heavy presence in the bedroom with her. She also described a feeling of weight on her chest, and said she saw a large tiger or panther creeping toward her. She may have also mentioned something about seeing V.'s face in her mind vividly. There may have been sexual overtones to this experience - I can't recall exactly now since I had a couple very long rambling conversations on the phone with her during this time and wasn't able to document everything as thoroughly as I'd have liked. (She was so freaked out that the facts were sometimes hard to keep straight.)

Ms. A. knew some people in a local Hermetic order and tried to get some help from them since she was attempting to become a member. (I'm not affiliated with this group, though I've spoken with the local leader a few times. I often get the impression when speaking to that guy that he's trying to brush me off and is a bit snobbish - like one of those English aristocratic types who believes himself to be of good breeding and finds Americans to be crude and offensive. I may be wrong, but that's been my impression.) I wasn't happy with the help they offered though - it kept sounding as though the leader Mr. J. wasn't interested or didn't have the time (or knowledge?) necessary for dealing with the problem as thoroughly as he should have. After all, I thought, if she is his student, he should be able to provide her with enough prompt support to take care of the issue. Instead, what she received was some mystical jargon, an absent teacher (I later found out that she wasn't a full member of the Order yet - so that would make sense), and when she did get some secondary opinions from friends of his, they didn't seem able to actually fix the problem.

Being disatisfied with the 2nd-hand info I kept receiving from Ms. A., I decided to lend a hand - against the wishes of my spiritual advisors. (I was in the middle of a personal project at the time and didn't need to be jeopardizing it by getting into a fight with something or someone.) After one of a few phone conversations with A., I decided to do some astral poking around to see what was actually going on. My interest was in objectively observing the energetic reality of things without couching anything in mystical or religious terms, which often put an unnecessary (unscientific) bias on things. The following message to my friend G. (who had a personal interest because it was his house Ms. A. had been staying at) illustrates what I found and the part I took in this situation.


September 20th 2003:


>I'm not sure if A. is going to be at the pub or not , this V. guy has really spooked her, although she's much better now. It seems (or would appear that) he did some kinda voodoo ritual to create a spirit to enslave hers , apparently it's quite well known in Voodoo .

I got the message from A. about J.'s friend's suggestion (the voodoo priest etc.). When I looked at her clairvoyantly, on an energy level it just looked like something (an entity of sorts with V. connected up through it and driving it) was attached to her through the back of her neck. I started to motion to move it, but then I was told (via my assistants/guides) that doing so could be dangerous to A. due to the manner in which it had ingrained itself into her etheric body. If it had happened to someone like me, the connection to higher sources of power (i.e. transcendent divinity) through years of meditation and shielding would have made such tampering rather difficult. So unfortunately A. doesn't yet have the resources built up within her to just switch on the 'lights' and drive out the offending pest in the usual manner. From what I saw when viewing V. astrally, the stuff he's using prefers not to bask in light-filled environments.

After this whole thing started, I did some poking around V. to see what was up and confirm whether or not he was the culprit. What I found was a shadowy environment with what looked like 4-5 larvae hanging around an aspect of his consciousness. That aspect/fragment of his mind referred to them as his pets, and they regarded him with a sense of devotion (because hanging around him has benefits for them).

Over a period of a couple days, I attempted to do slightly more direct work to help A. out (though it was against the wishes of my own spiritual guidance), and I found myself in lucid dream states leading to astral encounters with (I'm assuming) V.'s larvae thugs. Here's what happened:

The first encounter began as a dream wherein I was infiltrating a brothel-like place where some gangster was hiding out and holding an attractive woman captive. (At this point within the dream I was still dreaming - my conscious mind hadn't woken up yet so everything appeared in symbolic fashion, although the rest of my consciousness instinctively knew what was going on and how to handle it.) I knew that the woman was being held and used for sex and that there were several thugs guarding the place, so I carefully watched and examined the weak points to gain entrance. I don't recall how I got in, but at some point I had rescued the lady (presumably Ms. A.) and was leading her out of the compound. We encountered a few large meat-head types on the way out (that's how they appeared on a symbolic astral level - in actuality they were probably larvae), so I looked around for a weapon, grabbed a claw hammer and a pipe-wrench, and bashed their skulls in til they were bloody and incapacitated. After the danger had passed, A. started waving a broom around in the air and screaming at empty space. I remember thinking "oh great, I save the chick only to find out that she's nuts!" As I watched I 'knew' that she was seeing something that was being projected into her mind and that it wasn't a real threat, but because of her lack of experience with it she was focusing on the mental projection and flailing a broom wildly while trying to get rid of whatever it was that she was seeing. The next day A. told me on the phone that she was having hallucinations early that morning, so that just confirmed the events/visions of the previous night.

The second major encounter was directed at me rather than anyone else, probably because I had tried to assist Ms. A. While dreaming I found myself in the Australian desert. At some point I became surrounded by small aggressive wild boars (which felt like the same larvae again, being viewed on a lower astral/symbolic level). I stomped a couple of them, and then suddenly found several much larger ones around me who were pissed off that I had done so. When things started to get serious, I woke up within the dream and knew that I was being slowly surrounded by the same 4 - 5 larvae that assisted V. They wanted to close in and attack, but were unable to - my intuitive spiritual side (HGA) linked up and I instinctively held out my hand and said "No." They were then unable to come any closer to me though they badly wanted to. I then picked up a 2x4 chunk of timber (I created one astrally) and started bashing their skulls in a very graphic manner. (I have to say on the whole that that part was rather cathartic.)

Another encounter occurred while I was examining V.'s energies and methods. A more direct aspect of him started getting in my face and tried to fight will-to-will for a few minutes. At first he (or an aspect of him) made use of an out of phase energy and frequency so as not to be touched directly. (It's hard to describe when people do that, but basically they appear wispy - if you try to touch them astrally directly, your hands pass through nothing, but if you match their wispy phase/frequency and use only force of will rather than lower level fully formed astral weapons/hands etc., then you can effectively force them to leave and even disintegrate the wispy form they've made to interact with you.) I recalled this form of attack/tampering from years ago when dealing with other aggressors human and non, so within a moment I was able to match his phase, remember the rules of that frequency of reality and then effectively force him out without too much difficulty. Up to this point, anything he's been able to throw, I've been able to counter, but then I haven't been targeted as directly as A. Then again I would not have allowed him to stick a link in me like she did, since I've had just about the same thing done to me in the past (though not for the same reasons). On his own, he doesn't have a ton of power or ability and has to rely on external assistance (he's only human after all). However, I'm informed that his external assistance is occasionally much older and stronger than it appears. Consequently I've been instructed not to do too much directly until I've had sufficient time to fix up a few things in my own life and finish re-establishing myself in the new temple space.

If you're going to the pub this Monday and if V. will be there, then I'd recommend you prepare yourself just in case. Some sort of hidden physical protective devices would be in order. I was going to suggest a way to get him to leave her alone, but I suspect it wouldn't be as effective with his type. I was thinking that most dudes have an unspoken honour system wherein they don't actively seek to mess with another dude's chick (for fear of being punched in the face repeatedly by the angry boyfriend), so if you and her appeared to be an item in front of him that might get him to lay off. However, if he's completely immoral and has no sense of honour or common sense left, then perhaps it might not be effective. You'll have to decide whether this is an option. It may be worth a shot at least to remark in front of V. (even if A. isn't at the pub) that you and her are an item. If he's like most guys, then that might make him think twice - especially if you raved on about how you know a few large crazy bikers with chains and cricket bats who you'd call up if anyone ever tried to mess with her.

>It would also appear that if V. did do the biz on her he waited till I was away so that she was separated from the rest of us so he could get through .
>No I'm not that concerned about preserving any connection to V. particularly , I think if I had to make a choice between V. or A. , A. would win evry time. And yes you're right, there is some wierd energy around V. Dunno quite what it is but ut'd there all right.

When I first met him, I thought that he felt extremely similar to the other vamp I dealt with before - my first initiator (semi-Thelemic asshole manipulator). V. doesn't feel like a coward at heart though. When I asked my contacts why this is continuing, I was just told that he is persisting because he hasn't got what he wants yet (presumably sex and a sense of control over the victim and possibly a meal for his cronies).

Something else I will mention regarding V. When I spoke to him last, he seemed to think about psychic attacks in a very traditional way, believing that a person can only attack you if there is something negative within you to begin with. He mentioned that it didn't bother him to be attacked since he believed that all a person would be attacking is a bad part of you anyway and that it would only help you in the long run by helping to remove something undesirable from you. Speaking from my own experience, I have to disagree with this viewpoint. It's good that he supposedly believes this way, because I know from observation that it is still possible to attack someone directly and rip holes in their energy fields regardless of whether or not they have something negative within them to begin with.

When I mentioned my views on this to him later in conversation, he seemed concerned - his eyes appeared briefly fearful, as though he'd been wrong to feel secure in such beliefs.

If such actions need to be taken then that's an option, though he may be harder to get to due to his external assistance so we'd probably have to call in some of our own to make such a task easier when/if the time comes.

>Thanx for all your help on this so far.

No problem. ;)

By the way, isn't it an interesting coincidence that we have a new member at the Pub who has just returned to Sydney after 12 years in England who was initiated in Haitian Voodoo? I may have a few words with her soon to see if she has additional info and ideas on this sort of thing.






After these events took place, V. was confronted by G. and told about A.'s reaction to him. He was adamant that he had nothing to do with it, and offered to help in any way he could. He was also very concerned for his own safety (moreso than hers) when things were mentioned about his own health and not appearing well (which he didn't - the larvae were feeding off him, and he had obvious holes in the layers of his aura. It wouldn't surprise me if he eventually developed cancer or some unusual immune deficiency disease.) It's possible that he wasn't aware of what was going on at a conscious level, but I think he was aware at least in part. Ms. A. kept having freak-outs at G.'s house, even after he got back from his trip. She stayed there for a couple weeks while she looked for a new place, and both reported problems with things moving around the living room and not being where they had been left. An energetic portal appeared to have opened up in the ceiling of the room where A. had been sleeping. I feel this may have been the result of improper magickal work being done in that room. Shortly after she'd moved in, she admitted to not feeling in harmony with the energies of G.'s house. G. is an Odinist, and performs regular magickal and divinatory work in the northern tradition within and around his house. A. said that when she attempted to summon elemental energies, she ended up contacting the version of them that was set up in G.'s house instead of her usual variety. She didn't care for the unfamiliar feeling, so she attempted to replace those energies with her usual varieties. I feel that this may have upset the genus loci (the intelligence of the house/land) and caused her additional trouble. She also admitted that since she was new to ceremonial magick (but not Wicca), she hadn't been taught how to properly banish. She didn't realize that she should be closing portals and banishing energies once she was through with them. (This is another reason why I'm occasionally annoyed with Wicca - it doesn't teach proper handling of energies and often blurs the distinction between things like invocation and evocation.) When viewed clairvoyantly, I also saw that A. wasn't used to being very grounded - her lower chakras weren't usually open, while the higher psychic centres were usually wide open without any means to close them down or regulate the flow of energy in and out. I believe the portal in the ceiling was due to a combination of her being so wide open and not banishing properly, and some of the other paranormal problems she experienced at the house were probably due to her not respecting the energies and intelligences of the place. I myself stayed the night there while house sitting for 2 weeks during early 2004 and also had some problems with the house, but nothing very bad. The first night there I dreamt vividly about having a verbal disagreement with someone who looked like an old man, with G. trying to go between us to smooth things over. After waking up I spoke to the spirits of the house, asserted my right to be there, and explained my loyalty to G. and my business there. I also explained that I had no desire to disrupt anything, and that I was merely there as a favour to my friend. The next two weeks were fairly uneventful, though I occasionally sensed that someone/something didn't want me there but couldn't do anything about it.

Something humorous did occur shortly before A. moved out. One night A. started describing feelings of anxiety and may have mentioned something about feeling a presence or hearing voices again (I don't recall which now), so G. told her that he was going to go into the other room and get something to take care of the problem once and for all. He left the room, found a bed sheet with flowers or polka dots all over it, put it over his head and then jumped back into the room from a doorway while yelling "BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!" Ms. A. had been feeling scared and nervous, but as soon as she saw that she burst into fits of laughter since the sight was so completely unexpected and outlandish. After she calmed down, it was noticed that she began burping up loads of air, though I don't think she had eaten anything. I've read where things like spontaneous belching can sometimes accompany the release of an entity from one's energy fields (probably due to releasing its hold on wherever it had been anchored to within the host's body). After this, she felt much better and many of the symptoms she'd been experiencing went away. It should be remembered that laughter is excellent medicine. In the beginning of the whole episode, I'd told A. over the phone that she should rent several funny videos to watch whenever she was sitting in the house alone, since I knew that laughter would cause a release or cleansing of energy in the solar plexis (an area where links are made between people on a social level), and as I said to her, it's hard for things to get you when you're too busy laughing your ass off. The positive energy radiating into the room would tend to disperse most low level negative manifestations anyway. I never imagined that this concept would find its conclusion in the way that G. chose.