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Excerpt 8


" please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this."

Ok here they are :)

In my views of the universe, I see an infinite number of interconnected and overlapping universes/worlds each with it's own diversity and particular characteristics that all share a common infinite reality. From what I can see, all things seem to be interpenetrated and issue forth from a common source/medium that I refer to (in Qabalistic terms) as The All, or Spirit. My definition of Spirit is "that which permeates all things." To me, there is the manifest and the unmanifest. Those things that have substance and are made of Energy are manifested (energy to me appears to be a phenomenon resulting from the condensation of pure Consciousness into denser levels of manifestation or frequencies/vibratory rates). The unmanifest seems to be an invisible, massless, formlessness that contains all possibilities for manifestation.

Regarding levels of reality, I see tons of dimensions/levels of reality that all interpenetrate one another and are interconnected. These are commonly referred to as 'planes' but I don't always see them as existing somewhere other than the physical plane entirely. Many of them actually appear to occupy the same place in space as the plane that we're on already, but do not always interfere with each other since they exist on higher or lower frequencies to one another. Thus it is possible for entire 'worlds' with their inhabitants to exist and carry out their lives in a very different manner to us on a higher frequency band(s) while occupying the same place in space as us and being completely ignorant of our existence (and vice versa). The reason for this mutual ignorance of certain other entities and us has to do with our window of perception. We choose to view only a select range of frequencies of reality (which is infinite) while ignoring others that are higher and lower of that range. Other beings often do something similar, with some preferring a wider or smaller range of reality to view at higher or lower starting points on the vast scale of frequency ranges. (It isn't really linear like this, but that's the only way I can make sense of it in a description.)

In my old way of doing things, I used to pay attention to only 5 - 7 other levels of consciousness. The first system I used was the Spirit Fire Air Water Earth one (see my website for that). Later I expanded it to correspond more loosely with the planet/chakra systems. Now, I see that the human aspects of myself have a certain limited potential for perception, but the highest spiritual aspects do not; that potential depends on the individual, his/her views of reality, and state of personal development.

" i see this spiritual plain as a big white place…split up into different areas of energy that can be tapped into and used in different ways "

I also see something similar. Interestingly, I found that if you can think of it, it either already exists or has the potential to exist. There is no system that can encompass all aspects of reality or all the planes. If you need something and go out looking for it, no matter how strange or unusual, with persistence you can almost always find it or something very similar.

From what I can tell, all energy is the same energy only in different phases and at different levels of manifestation. Any energy type can be instantly changed to any other phase or energy type because of this. (You can prove it to yourself by making balls of energy in your hands and then consciously changing one form into another with practice.)

" the first area that i discovered a long time ago was the creative plain."

There are lots of places like that to tap into and channel for creating music and art. I like to do that when I play too :) I think most music would be better today if more people would tap into higher forms of inspiration while writing it instead of just accepting the first crummy and trite musical ideas that come to mind from the preprogrammed garbage collected in their subconscious from hours of listening to boring corporate crud on the radio…but then I'm a little opinionated when it comes to music.

" also i am just discovering a new area with my magickal practices. the energy here is used to manipulate things around us. unfortunately this energy can be used for good or for bad. and this thought scares me. i would have more to say about it but i am only just discovering it."

Even physical things are made of energy, but at a much lower frequency and denser level of manifestation than those spiritual realms. What I see when I try to look through it is that physical matter is just another (denser and more structured) manifestation of energy with consciousness at its root. Physicists, when pressed, can only admit that matter shows tendencies to exist, and cannot prove that it is as solid as we erroneously thought it was. (Of course, some will detract from that statement and point out the limitations of science, and I totally agree with that as well.) My current hypothesis for why my body does not pass through other physical objects is because it exists on a similar vibratory rate. If one could alter the vibratory rate of one's body, then I suppose it's very possible to pass right through something. I'm also beginning to think that in order to do so, it might be necessary to build up the energy aspects of oneself closest to the physical realm much like Qi Gung practitioners do. Why some people are able to move physical objects with their minds while others can't seems to have more to do with where their focus for working with energy is, and I think that anyone can learn to do just about anything if they work on it hard enough.