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Welcome!  I'm Amoris and I've created this space as a public service to those who might require the information found here. The ideas and viewpoints expressed are based on my own personal experiences and should not be accepted as fact without thoroughly testing them first.  If something appeals to you, then feel free to make use of it in your own practices.   I'll be occasionally and irregularly updating this website as time permits.

No permission is granted or implied for the public redistribution of this material in any form for any purpose whatsoever. All original works © copyright Amoris 1998 or later.

Last update: August 27th, 2011

  Wow this site is looking pretty dated. I have plans to update and correct the material and perhaps migrate to a new format entirely, but for now that will have to wait until I get more time.



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All information on this site copyright Amoris 1997-2006.  All rights reserved.  Any unauthorized duplication and redistribution will be subject to civil and criminal prosecution. All responsible parties will be castrated with dull scissors and undergo public televised crucifixions whilst rabid Nuns play with their dismembered testicles for the amusement of an audience of Tourrette's stricken Elvis impersonators.