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I've tried to provide only quality links that I actually use - no filler!


Alchemy - THE place to go for info on Alchemy.  HUGE!!! - A Metaphysical Laboratory. Offers services info etc.


Ancient Civilizations - Ancient Egypt: the Mythology - most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web - Mesopotamia - Crystalinks: Ancient and Lost Civilizations - Sumer - Sumerian Language Page - Sumerian literature -- ETCSL home page - Language of ancient Egypt - Chronology of the Great Pharoahs - learn cuneiform - Info on Sumeria - ancient near-east info - Ancient religious texts - The Epic of Gilgamesh - origins of Sumerian civilization info - Ishtar gate inscriptions - Assyrian/Babalonian mythology FAQ - Ancient Sumer - pix and map etc. - Royal Graves of Ur - links - ANCIENT GREEK CIVILIZATION


Asatru and Runes - "Northvegr: The Northern Way Over 7000 pages dedicated solely to the Northern Way and Northern European Heathenism." - The Official Website of the Odinic Rite. - Raven Online - Info on Asatru - Grimner's Runes


Astrology and Astronomy - Astrodienst - Atlas Query. Find geographic locations. - Moon Phases - Your Sky - "The sky map shows the entire sky as viewed from a given location at a specified time and date. A stereographic projection is used, as is the convention for printed star maps." Also gives interactive horizon views for any location and a virtual telescope. - Earth - general facts - The Nine Planets. " The Nine Planets is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information."


Australian Miscellaneous

Because sometimes it's hard to find good sites, groups, and information on Australian stuff.

Australian Magick, Occult, Religion, and Spirituality - The Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA, 3rd Floor 484 Kent Street Theosophy House - Sydney Buddhist Centre - O.T.O. Australia - Australia s Leading Natural Therapies Education Institution - Nature Care College of Naturopathic and Alternative Medicine. - Popular Yahoo e-group made especially for Australian pagans, witches, and magick practitioners of all sorts. - The Australian Ghost Hunters Society - Ghosts & The Paranormal for Australia - Castle of Spirits True Ghost Stories & The Paranormal, Australian Haunts and Ghosts. - Strange Nation - Dedicated to strange phenomena in Australia - Shaman Australis Ethnobotanicals (Australian & International Ethnobotanicals) - Spot Links Page - Medicine Garden Australia Herb suppliers

City and Government links - Australian Constitution - Beginners Guide - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT - City of Sydney - a great f***ing place to live! - Sydney, Australia Free photo Classified ads - Australian Job Search - The largest job site in Australia - A to Z of Jewish Australia on the Internet


Carlos Castaneda - Total Freedom website. Castaneda resources


Chaos Magick - Chaos Magick - Great site with lots of info! Also has some pdf format classic books of magick for downloading. - Psychonomicon Occult Library and Links


Christianity Exposed - Skeptic's View of Christianity - Bible Errancies - mistakes in the Bible


Classical Texts

Hermetic, Renaissance/Medieval, Latin etc. - Twilite Grotto - contains texts from renaissance sources including that of John Dee - Library of Western Ezoterica - good site with very interesting info - Hermetic Arts of Memory - Cool site with huge list of links on the topic. - The Internet Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature - Medieval Sourcebook


Cults and Dangerous Groups - F.A.C.T.Net: Homepage of Cults,Brainwashing,Mind Control. True stories,Testimonials,Affadavits,Court Records. - Cults & Mind Control News home page - Releasing the Bonds book about cult groups, terrorist organizations, and mind control by Steven Hassan - ex-cult Resource Center - Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology - Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques - Rick Ross: Expert Consultant and Intervention Specialist. Talks all about primary tell-tale signs that a group might be a 'cult' and how to get out of one if you're trapped. You have to dig around a bit to get the info you're looking for, but some of it is extremely interesting reading. - The Advanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame. Useful


Enochian Magick - The John Dee Publication Project - "True and Faithful Relation" text online. Available to read online for free, but if you want to save or print it you'll have to pay. - The best Enochian information on the web from a solitary practitioner - a mirror site of Ben Rowe's work - Enochian Linguistics - interesting site with sections of threads from practitioners at the Enochian-1 mailing list at Hollyfeld. - Menu page of Enochian Linguistics - The John Dee Society - another site by a practitioner - Khephera - collection of links to Enochian pages by Parker Torrence - The Invisible College - Enochian links - Coffee House at Mortlake on the Thames - Virtual Reality Enochian Temple - Contains mailing lists - has one really good one for Enochian magick - Enochian magick info with a thelemic twist. - Solitary practitioner Alex Sumner's personal site. - Dean Hildebrandt's essay on Enochiana. - Ored Dhagia: The Infinite ways. Contains Enochian work by Runar Karlsen and Dean Hildebrandt. - Callisto Radiant's syllabic parsing of Angelic - Fudoki's Enochia


Entheogens and Psychedelics

For uh, people who get into that stuff - Erowid's Psychoactive Vaults. If you want to learn about this stuff, then go here and fill your head. 'Tis better to be well-read than accidentally dead ;) - PSYLOCYBE FANATICUS HOME PAGE. How to grow shrooms (complete with pix and spore suppliers) - Possible supplier listing for all kinds of groovy stuff - Shaman Australis Ethnobotanicals (Australian & International Ethnobotanicals)


Franz Bardon

If you don't know about his works, then you NEED to pick up the book "Initiation Into Hermetics." It'll save the beginner from wasting lots of time on other obscure 'systems' of magick that get you nowhere while overwhelming you with pointless symbolism and cryptic philosophical references. His work concentrates primarily on hands-on applications and exercises - the real 'meat' underlying most of the western magickal traditions (meditational work learning to control one's thoughts, energy etc.). It's not for the lazy. - Rawn Clark's commentary on Bardon's system of magick. - Practitioner William Mistele's personal site with magick archives from his work in the Bardon system of Hermetic magick. VERY insightful. Read his basic intro to the Bardon system. - Franz Bardon Online Help. Resource of links for anyone looking for help and answers while studying Bardon's system. - Franz Bardon Research. Good info on Bardon's system of magick. - Yahoo e-group for Bardon discussion



Founded and moderated by yours truly ;) -  The Real Magick and Occult Forum - THE magick and occult forum of choice! An open forum to discuss magick and the occult with practitioners of all styles in a positive and educational environment. By far the best of its kind on Yahoo servers with the widest variety of intelligent discussions and practitioners. Click on the link now! - Info on the above Real Magick and Occult Forum - Real Paganism - A forum for discussing real Paganism, Traditional Witchcraft (non-wiccan preferred but not restricted), Druidry, Shamanism, Asatru, and more! If you are serious about your practices as paths toward spiritual development and personal change/growth (and not just a mere set of moral beliefs/ethics to live by) then this is the place for you! - A place to discuss pre-Wiccan and non-Wiccan traditional witchcraft. All are welcome!


Golden Dawn - Lots of Golden Dawn info - Check it out! - Sanctum Sanctorum: Golden Dawn Resources - The Garret Library - interesting resources with original material and a photocopied version of an original Pentagram Ritual & info from the Whare Ra Temple.


Hermeticism - Hermetic Fellowship Homepage - Extensive resources and online material (Corpus Hermeticum etc.) - small directory of Hermetic and related info - Journal of the Western Mysteries. Articles by students and scholars alike.


Hermetic/Magick Organizations - Authentic Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnŽ web site. This is the real deal kids. Go here first and read up on what a REAL lodge/temple is and does. Don't be fooled by imposters that just want to take your money. (Especially if they're using a similar name, claiming to be the only true keepers of secret G:.D:. knowledge while rehashing already published info and offering long distance initiations in the G:.D:. system for huge fees.) - Builders of the Adytum - "A Non-Profit Corporation Based on the Mystical-Occult Teachings and Practices of the Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot Founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case" I've heard a lot of good things about this group's Tarot course. The only thing that some people don't care for about them is that they don't get into Enochian work (their founder had a dislike of it - a friend of his died and he blamed Enochian magick etc.). - Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis - The Rosicrucian Order - O.T.O. U.S. Grand Lodge - Servants of the Light School of Occult Science (not sure what they're like but I hear they're hard to get into - founded by a student of Dion Fortune in 1965) - Fraternity of the Hidden Light - looks G:.D:. based - not sure how legit they are yet. - "Mountain Temple Center Golden Dawn is an officially registered G.D. Temple chartered since 1994 through the Israel Regardie Foundation and Dr. Christopher Hyatt." Located in Phoenix, Arizona. - Homepage for the A:.A:. - Thelemic group. According to them, "A.ˇ.A.ˇ. is the one true and invisible Order which has operated under various names and guises throughout history to guide the spiritual evolution of humanity. The goals of the A.ˇ.A.ˇ. are those which have motivated spiritual exploration and religious inquiry throughout human history. Its methods are those of science; its aims are those of religion. " - College of Thelema - Temple of Thelema. Founded in service to the A.ˇ.A.ˇ., the College of Thelema seeks to guide the student to an understanding of the Law of Thelema. Most especially, this means a deeper understanding of oneself and of one's True Will. A combination of instruction techniques is employed, including seminars, written texts, and individual work - AURUM SOLIS. Ogdoadic tradition. "Aurum Solis is best known to the world through the writings of Osborne Phillips and the late Melita Denning. The Order was founded in 1897 by two dedicated occultists, Charles Kingold and George Stanton, as a practical school of ceremonial magic within the Western esoteric tradition." - "COR LUCIS is an initiatory and teaching order with a strong emphasis on "Know Thyself." Our name means "Heart of Light." - The Church of the Hermetic Sciences and Ordo Templi Astartes WebPage. "Our specialty is Solomonic Ritual Magick-- we are the folks who summon spirits to visible appearance in the dark mirror...The Church sponsors the Ordo Templi Astartes (O.T.A.) which is an initiatory order working three degrees of the ancient 'Crata Repoa' Tradition in our fully equipped Hermetic Temples. We are compatible with the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis Traditions." - Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn In association with the Aleister Crowley Foundation.


Kabbalah/Qabalah and misc. Judaism - Kabbalah links - HUGE list - Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page - Kabbalah - VERY COOL reading on primarily traditional non-Hermetic Kabbalah. - The Kabbalah - misc. articles and links - BNEI-BARUCH ONLINE LESSONS IN KABBALAH - The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah - Interactive Page - Kabbalistic Dictionary - Judaism 101 -Assagioli the Kabbalist. Brief article of interest to people studying psychology and its connection to Kabbalah. - Some info on Jewish Mysticism - Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism - Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah links/articles - Misc. info on history and basics of Qabalah - The Online Hebrew Tutorial - Jewish Spirituality - Kaballa 101 - Jewish and Hebrew Discussion Groups - Conversion To Judaism info - The Kabbalah Centre - Learn Hebrew For Free - FoundationStone - Downloadable interactive versions of the Torah - The Ascent to the Merkabah: The First Palace - INTERACTIVE!


Memory Arts - The Art of Memory - Hermetic Arts of Memory - Cool site with HUGE list of links on the topic. - Article by John Michael Greer - ARS MEMORATIVA - An Introduction To The Hermetic Art Of Memory. By John Michael Greer - Mind Tools - Memory Techniques and Mnemonics


Misc. Magick - Psychonomicon Occult Library and Links - The Garret Library - interesting resources with original material and a photocopied version of Pentagram Ritual & info from the Whare Ra Temple. - some misc. info on magick/occult topics - Supposedly satanism, Left Hand Path but he's got a nice long page of links here on other topics too that's well worth checking out. - It's in Norwegian (ja, og det sugar faan nar du forsta det ikke heheheh) but it's a great place to get more interesting links ;) - Ceremonial practitioner Todd Lipman's forum on the Western Mystery Tradition. - Brother Moloch's site on his brand of sorcery. - Boudicca's Bard - Main english


Misc. Mysticism - The Threshold Society and Mevlevi Order. Has info on Sufism - H.P. Blavatsky - online texts - Complete List of Items in the Blavatsky Archives - Gnostic Society Library: Sources on Gnosticism and Gnosis - The William Blake Page - Blake is cool! Read his stuff and view his pix! - Mysticism in World Religions: Frames version - The Gnosis Archive: Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition


Misc. Religion - The major world religions - Islam Guide: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran - - Religion Statistics and Geography - Church Statistics - Religion Resources - Religious Studies - Comparative Religions - World Religoins - Links - Directories - AVESTA -- Zoroastrian Archives


Paganism and Traditional Non-Wiccan Witchcraft - House Shadow Drake - Great info on traditional Non-Wiccan Witchcraft. Be sure to read the Traditional Witchcraft FAQ. - Traditional Paganism info - one of the more useful sites - More traditional craft resources - Witchcraft legends - Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth - IMBAS Homepage - Druidry etc. - OBOD: The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids Home Page - The Witch's Way: The Fantasy and Reality of Witchcraft Slavica: The Path of the Ancestors The Forest: Magickal Creatures, from Faeries to Vampyres - Has some interesting traditional pagan info. - Neopaganism in Central-Eastern Europe - Slavic Pagan info by Frater Gwydion. - Okana's Web - Polish and Slavic Paganism and Pagan Beliefs - Slavic Paganism & Witchcraft - "Slavic Paganism/Traditional Witchcraft is under-represented on the Web. Help change that. This is a list for those who wish to learn more about Traditional Slavic Witchcraft and the ways and traditions of the ancient Slavic Pagans." - The American Traditional Witchcraft Collective - The Plastic Medicine People Circle. Talks about con-artists and fake shamans, and what true native americans think about them.


Pagan Networking Groups - Pagan Awareness Network - for Australia - National Pagans at the Pub Network - mostly Australian but some international listings of events and gatherings


Paranormal - Ghost Web of IGHS (International Ghost Hunters Society) - Ghost Research Society




Magick and Occult Search Engines - One of the best and most popular - not bad - not bad either - seems ok - they've updated and now include ME in their listings :) - rather limited selection last I checked - WitchCrawler.Com - A Pagan search engine. Check it out! - Omphalos - The Directory and Search Engine for Witchcraft & Paganism


Misc. Resources - Internet Sacred Text Archive - Kick ass site!!! Go here for FREE Online religious texts from all over the world! - - Free e-books (pdf format) magazines newspapers and journals. - Start all your searches here - Metasearch engine that searches up to 15 major search engines at once! - World's largest online encyclopedia of symbols. Useful - Interlinear online Bible info - in case you're doing historical research on passages in that text - online Latin dictionary - Occultopedia: An Encyclopedia of Occultism and the Unexplained - the MYSTICA - "An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more..."


Supplies/Books - Magus Books & Herbs - featuring alternative religion, astrology, wiccan, magickal, new age, freemasonry, paganism, tantra ufo and metaphysical books, herbs, incense, music and ritual supplies - reliable place to buy books and supplies - used to have fair selection but not sure if it shows up on their website. - Kessinger Publishing's Rare Philosophy and Freemasonry Books. They specialize in republishing previously rare and out-of-print books including Casaubon's "True and Faithful Relation" text and others on John Dee. Can order from their site. - Samuel Weiser, Inc. - Book publisher of esoteric material - New Falcon Publications - Publisher of Controversial Books - Divine Infidel -- Ritual Tools, Magical Objects, Statuary, Incense, Oils, Pagan Jewelry, Occult Books, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. They have ENOCHIAN STUFF!!! - Merkur Publishing. Same place that publishes Franz Bardon's works.


Thelema - Thelemic Library - TONS of uncle Al's info available online for free - Tarot info - Book of Thoth specifically - contains info on Tarot spreads/layouts - some misc. info on magick/occult topics - contains works by Crowley as well. - Liber 777 Learning Aid - Cool tool, man. - Thelemic Info

Thelemic Humor - Humorous fun-poking at Thelemic writings - Liber Call Me AL - The Book of the In-Laws - Aleister Crowley's Auto Shop - repair what thou wilt - The Thelemite Test



Wicca - History of Wicca in England - READ THIS. Never follow anything blindly, always do the proper research beforehand. Wicca can be a good practice to get into for those who take it seriously as a legitimate path of spiritual development. It is unfortunate that there are so many 'fluffy bunnies' giving it a bad reputation today. Please help restore and maintain its credibility by understanding as much truth about the origins of its practices and founders, rather than believing the false stories propagated by misinformed teenaged Llewellynites. - Public Domain Alexandrian Book of Shadows - Pagan/Wiccan info center. - Rede Analysis Part 1 - Links on origins of Wicca - Related texts on Paganism and Wicca etc. - The Scholars and the Goddess - 01.01 (historical accuracy debate etc.) - Wicca na hErin - The Janet and Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone Web Pages - A Witch's Cauldron - info for the extreme beginner interested in Wicca. Very basic but comprehensive, and includes a simple online course in Wiccan Witchcraft. - Proteus Coven's Webspace - Has VERY good articles and info

Wiccan Humour - Join us in the sunshine of Brother/Sisterhood! (Makes fun of fluffy bunnies heheheh)