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Notes on the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram


I.N.R.I.  =  Igne Natura Renovatur Integra  = The Whole of Nature is renewed by Fire. (This is just one possibility for interpretation. There are many.) Many practitioners equate I.N.R.I. with the 'Christ-force' or redemptive, resurrection/immortality archetype in the universe. (This does not refer to Jesus directly as an historical figure, but merely a redemptive archetypal force/energy in the universe. The Golden Dawn, from which this ritual comes, made use of several mythologies as systems of symbolism with which to reach and activate certain energies within the subconscious of the practitioner.)

Yod, Nun (pronounced Noon), Resh, Yod =  I.N.R.I. rendered in Hebrew letters

Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother =  Virgo, sign of Zodiac, associated with Isis, Great Goddess/Mother of Horus, Wife of Osiris.

Traditional Inner Order G:.D:. teachings (as they are known to us presently) associate this phrase in various ceremonies with the Qabalistic sphere of Chesed (Mercy) and make use of it in specific ways for the purpose of drawing down particular energies into the corresponding spheres within the aura of the magickian.

Scorpio, Aphophis, Destroyer = Scorpio associated with Apophis, a Greek Equivalent to Set, the brother of Osiris- Set murders Osiris in Egyptian mythology

This phrase, is associated with the Qabalistic sphere of Geburah (Severity). See above.

Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen =Sol, the Sun, is identified with Osiris, the resurrected god.

With this phrase, the 2 energies of Chesed/Geburah are drawn down into the aura of the magickian and revitalizes him/her via the balancing/redemptive power of I.N.R.I. (traditionally referred to as the 'Christ' force/archetype).

Isis, Apophis, Osiris, IAO = Analysis and comparison is completed between I.N.R.I. and IAO.

IAO = Creation, Destruction, and Resurrection/Rebirth) 

IAO can also be thought of as I= Man/Ego O= Allness/'God' and A= Astral/Cosmos (the veil of "illusion and experience" between the two). "From their union issues forth the Divine White Brilliance, the Cross of Light, healing, redeeming, illuminating." - Notes of Dr. Felkin (see "Secret Inner Order Rituals of the Golden Dawn" by Patrick J. Zalewski)

This is a Macrocosmic ritual.  When used as a banishing, the L.R.H. works against intrusion by forces originating outside of you, whereas the L.R.P. (banishing form) works by clearing and sealing off the area from within you first.  The L.R.H. usually follows the L.R.P.  

The seemingly switched elemental attributions to the quarters (i.e. Fire in the East rather than Air) are due to the traditional Zodiac when applied in a circle around the magickian. Leo (fixed fire) in East, Scorpio (fixed water) in North, Aquarius (fixed air) in West, and Taurus (fixed earth) in South.

For banishing, use the Banishing forms of the Elemental Hexagrams.  For invoking, use the Invoking Forms.  The rest of the ritual remains the same for either purposes.

ARARITA = An anagram formed from the sentence (in Hebrew) "One is His Beginning, One is His Individuality, His permutation is One."

Brief excerpt from Pat Zalewski's now out-of-print text "Golden Dawn Enochian Magick" discussing the analysis of the keyword (for those who don't have access to that information):

"The signs of the 5=6 grade are broken down into three separate sections. The first is when the Adept or aspiring magician calls out:


This stands for the Hebrew letters YOD NUN RESH YOD which was nailed to the cross of suffering above the head of Christ. Its esoteric interpretation shows that the first "I" relates to the Sign of Virgo, Isis the Mighty Mother. In this instance the Mother is the producer of the seeds of fruit on Earth which represents Spring. The "N" is Scorpio, Apophis the Destroyer - the Destructive Force of nature that represents Winter. "R" is Sol and relates to Summer. The final "I" is Osiris Slain and Risen, and relates to Autumn and all of its characteristics. By uttering this initial keyword, the invoker of this force calls forth and links the power of the Sun into his aura.



The letters IAO compose a synthetic name relating to the Sun entering Virgo and the introduction of the Air element, which in itself represents Spirit of the unification with the part of the Kabbalistic Soul called the Ruach or "Breath."


This represents the forces of the Equinox.


The hands here are in a semi-arc position which shows the Sun at Summer Solstice and links with the Life Force of Osiris.


The hands show a further movement of the arc, which represents the Sun at Winter Solstice, thus representing the forces of Darkness.


This shows the combination of effect of the energy from both the Equinox and Solstice forces. The energy here is then brought down in an even flow, thus cementing itself into the Aura. The entire concept of doing these signs is twofold. The first is that one brings down the Solar Influences by imitation through a process of god-form assimilation when doing the signs, which interrelates with a force called the Ruach, the second functioning part of the Kabbalistic Soul (for a full explanation of this see Regardie's 'Middle Pillar', Llewellyn Publications). The idea is to unify the lower portion of the Soul , called the Nephesch, with that of the Ruach, which is in fact a triggering device by which this is activated and propels the Initiate into higher levels of consciousness." (Side note by Amoris again, this is showing how this aspect of the LRH is a tool used by G:.D:. members and makes use of their set of symbolism for that purpose - it's good to know why people did what they did rather than following the practice of someone's ritual without any knowledge of how it worked and why.) "The second part of this is that when one does the LVX Signs, one in fact draws down a powerful force from the astral to have at his disposal, which is analogous to injecting him with a "booster."

------End of excerpt ------