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This is an old document for this site, probably written around late 1996 or early 1997. It's of questionable usefulness, but might be interesting to someone.

The Qabalah as practiced by traditional magickians and mystics usually makes use of a standard set of attributes that describe the underlying meanings of certain numbers, especially those of the numbers 1-10.  These numbers are attributed to the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and help to complete a system of analysis of the psyche and its interconnection with the universe.  In working with this prefabricated system of attributions, several problems arose.  I began to doubt whether the traditional attributions were indeed correct according to unbiased cosmic correspondances, or simply agreed upon as correct out of tradition and in accordance with the religious philosophies of the people that created the system.  The latter seemed very possible, although the system was still functional even so owing to the nature of reality.  However, I prefered to find out the true attributions (in my mind) rather than follow someone else's version of anything.  The unbiased approach seemed best to me, but it must be mentioned that even attempting to be unbiased with respect to any set of religious philosophy is in itself already a bias of a sort.  Each person must choose for him/herself which path to take.  My system of number attributions is the most impartial one I could find, and it suited me.  It is not the most correct for all people.  There is no ONE TRUE SYSTEM; each must find his/her own. You may observe my system and learn what you can from it if you wish.

The meaning of the numbers as related here came about through astral work between an associate and myself.  We saw the numbers as symbols with their own meanings in and of themselves (although each of them is infinite), and sought to discover what correspondances to higher realms of thought/meaning each of them had when looked at in an impartial or objective manner.  There was also the need to discover what effect these symbols had on energy and how they channeled and directed it.  These are our results:

0 = Allness  Unity in All- wholeness.  The level of Spirit- that which permeates all things.

1 = Oneness  Union within the self. Also an extension or condensation within/from the All- a point with no definable features.

2 = Polarity  Concept of opposites.  Infinite Wisdom in the sense that one idea is still indistinguishable from any other at this point.  Only positive and negative with nothing to balance/reconcile them.

3 = Stability  Reconciles relationship between opposites.  Adds form.  Stabilizes, directs, and channels active energy.  Traditional definitions suggest the creation of Matter (not bound by time yet- energy) at this point.

4 = Balanced Force  Commencement of creation of order.  Teaches lessons in sense of balance, order, law, etc.  Matter as bound by time is the traditional correspondance, and may still have some bearing. 

5 = Change/Motion  Active change or motion.  Note:  Matter (4) when put into motion (5) normally creates time as a by-product in this system.

6 = Harmony  Restoration/renewal.  Life, growth, and beginnings.  The Beginning of Spiritual Life.  Consciousness, but not self-consciousness yet- almost vegetative life.  The symbolic astral representation looked like a young oasis or a newly planted thriving garden just teaming with vitality.

7 = Individuality  Creation of Self-consciousness; one individual as distinct from another.  As a symbol having an effect on energy, it seperates and condenses.

8 = Reason  Self-contained reason.  Relates to personal intellect.

9 = Desire  Self-motivation.  Beginning of material life.

10 = Sustenance  Self-continuance.  Lower levels used to further the higher and vice-versa (everything is interconnected).  Also, the beginning of the next set of numbers leading deeper into manifestation (more particular forms of manifestation).  As such, 10 is homologous to 1 only on a lower level (similar to musical concept of octaves- only the image gets more particular and distorted as it goes lower).  

These are the most important results from the investigation.  To further the idea, here is a look at the concept of numbers past 10.

11 = Separateness  The illusion of being alone or apart from all things.  Like being only the point within the circle, but unaware of the circle enclosing the point.  Because 11 is part of the next lower set beginning with 10, it is thought of (by me) as 1 within 10.  

My method for interpreting double-digit and larger numbers

The main reference number (always 1-9) moves to the left as numbers grow larger.  The inside digits represent qualities or aspects of the reference number.  Examples:

13 = 3 in the set of 10.  The action of 3 working in the lower set of 10 (which is 1 on a lower level- similar to the beginning of the next lower octave in music etc.).

23 = 3 in the set of 20.  Same as above, only 20 is the same as 2 only on a lower level of manifestation.  Therefore, 3 serves to modify the 2 in 23.

123 = 3 in the set of 20, which is in the even lower set of 100.   3 modifies 20 which is modifying 100.  A very complicated and particular idea at this point being deeper into manifestation.

Is it correct?  Probably not entirely...but then, all paths lead to home.  It was somewhat correct for me at the time.  This is just one way to look at numbers and interpret them.  It is a functional one if nothing else is available, and there are no doubt an infinite number of ways to view them all.  Numbers represent a sequence.  They are symbols, and as such are things infinite within themselves.  There is no one meaning that can be ascribed to any of them and be thought of as the one true definition.