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Numbers: part 2

Another old document, from back when I used to dabble with Gematria. Probably written in 1996.

My arrangement of numbers according to the 5 elements with respect to the levels of manifestation (of matter and energy in the universe) and the corresponding parts of the mind.  This arrangement expands on the traditional numerical attributions on the Tree of Life (and the psyche) which previously only showed 4 elements.

Numbers closer to 0 are more General, whereas numbers farther from 0 are more Particular.  There are no real divisions between levels.  In this setup, Spirit represents where the individual is connected with all things, Fire represents the higher intuitive self (Neshamah or H.G.A.), Air represents the Intellectual central/primary consciousness (Ruach), Water represents the reflective image-making subconscious (Nephesh), and Earth represents the Etherial plane and body awareness (G'uph, but not entirely the body itself).   

This is just my system.  I've attempted to relate my way of doing things with traditional Hebrew attributions, but there isn't always a direct correspondence.