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Pronunciation Key

A pronunciation key for use with the phonetic Enochian Keys © copyright Amoris 1998.


A = Ah

E = Ay (like in the word hey, or way). An ‘E’ at the end of a word is always pronounced.

I = EE

O = Oh (as in mow, or row)

U = OO (like moo, or rue)


C = K (always a hard C sound. NEVER as ‘s’)

G = G (always a hard G sound. NEVER as ‘j’)

Q = K

X = Ks (normal)

Y = Y (normal). Sometimes like I (EE).

Z = Zod (with a long o) but only if appearing alone- I’ve already written out most of the z’s so disregard this unless you find a Z with nothing else around it.


Ai = Ah-EE (it’s ok if they run together)

Ao = Ah-Oh

Eh = Eh (a short e vowel sound)

Oi = Oh-EE

Qu = Koo (NOT K-Yoo or Kw!!!)


I’ve written out the Keys in a format similar to how classical Latin is pronounced. In doing so I've also eliminated some of the more traditional methods of pronouncing Enochian consonants by prefixing a vowel sound instead of beginning right on the hard consonant sound itself. For me, that method was unacceptable and inconsistant. If I had chosen to write out the Keys in the same manner as the pronunciation examples below, it would have become confusing and lost the flow of ideas retained by this format. I didn’t want it to look like several pages of meaningless syllables, and I also didn't want any more inconsistancies than necessary for my own purposes. According to original sources, the Angels themselves seemed unconcerned with proper pronunciations, and I found them to be more than willing to assist me to work with them using this method of pronunciation instead. It's not necessarily the most accurate or correct system of pronunciation, but it'll get you started. Study these examples well. You’ll need to practice a bit to recite the Keys smoothly.


Sample Words

Zod = Zohd (almost Zode- with a long ‘o’)

Zodacare = Zod-Ah-Ka-Ray

Iaida = EE-Ah-EE-Da

Ge = Gay

Qui = Koo-EE

Cicale = Kee-Ka-Lay

Bazodme = Ba-Zod-May

Bagale = Ba-Ga-Lay

Madeh = Mah-Deh

Pu-imeh= Pu-EE-Meh

Tarianeh= Ta-Ree-Ah-Neh



Enochian letters alone: not Anglicized


SCIO = Sah-Kee-Oh






Don’t forget! I = EE , C = K, Z = Zod with an almost long ‘O’(or Zode), and the letter U = OO.

For the Enochian Keys on this website I'm making use of the exact same pronunciation as would be found in Latin.

If you wanted to learn to pronounce Enochian words for yourself without pronunciation aids, then the method is very similar to Hebrew. In Hebrew, only the consonants (usually) are shown. The speaker must supply his own vowel sounds to connect the letters together so that they would become pronounceable. Example (substituting English letters for Hebrew): Y-H-Sh-V-H (representing the letters Yod, Heh, Shin, Vau, Heh) when run together on a page might look something like this- YHShVH.. To pronounce it, you supply vowel sounds to connect the letters together- YeHeSheVaH. Which vowel sounds are to be used depends on personal study of common usage. Enochian functions much the same way. I apply Latin vowel sounds to it for consistency with other magickal operations. Also makes it easier to pick up if you’ve already studied other related languages.