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How to see through walls

> Does anyone have the spell that allows to see through walls/doors?
> Heh, just wondering if anyone has, well?

Yep, I sure do }:)

It's very simple, and goes like this:

"Wall, wall, go away! Let me see through you today!"

To render the spell active, chant this ancient rhyme 9 times while standing on one foot with purple silken underwear perched upon your head like an expensive beret with 2 superfluous holes, and follow with the performance of the secret Sign of Doh. Do not neglect the traditional ritual actions that make up this sign. (Those consist of bending the body exactly 90° at the waist, positioning the feet 3 metres from the Eastern wall of your temple space, then commencing a perilous 5 metre run toward said wall.)

When finished, use the words of power "Siht gniod rof norom a m'I" to open the vision. (The true vision of this working will open when one understands the hidden teachings written in between the lines of the ritual, of course).

Let me know how ya go ;)



> Can you make a list of needed items? I kinda got confused...


No problem :)

List of necessary ingredients:

1 copy of Franz Bardon's text "Initiation into Hermetics."
1 - 10 years spent practicing all of the exercises from that text with the intent to understand and eventually master them.
2 sprigs of Time
1 c. Patience
At least 1 ounce of Ambition
2 c. Focus
Unlimited supplies of Determination
1 discriminating intellect (shaken but not stirred)

Mix them all together and temper under a slow even heat within a Malkuthial oven (sometimes mistaken for a Crock Pot) in the usual fashion after the manner of the alchemists.

(The purple silken underwear described in the original set of instructions are really only optional, though highly enjoyable and thus recommended.)

> Oh, did you understand those Hidden Teachings?

Yes, but only after many repetitions of the Sign of Doh throughout all aspects of my life and magickal practice. Sometimes that painful 5 metre run headfirst into the Eastern wall is necessary before the intellect is stimulated sufficiently to commence autonomous functioning.