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Personal Writings

Excerpts from emails, occult forum postings, personal essays, etc. Updated as I get time.


Excerpts from Occult forum postings and personal emails/chats

This is a somewhat disorganized collection of some of my postings from occult e-lists and snippets of emails/personal chats with people who have asked me questions over time about magick. I don't pretend to know everything, but if what I have to say in these excerpts is useful to you then they have served their purpose. When possible, questions and responses from other people have been shown in blue with quotation marks.

Note that the first excerpts are rather old - possibly from late 1999. The later excerpts include original posting or mailing dates for time reference. I was going to start removing some of my older (inaccurate and immature) writings, but I decided to let them stay so that others could see how my views and attitudes have changed over the course of time and practice.


Excerpt 1: Me attempting to discuss personal alchemy, the Great Work, union with higher-self etc. (Old document)

Excerpt 2: A forum posting in defense of the Golden Dawn, a late 19th c. Hermetic group

Excerpt 3: Forum post regarding astral projection and personal safety

Excerpt 4: Email in response to someone asking about achieving psychic skills and wishing for assistance in astral projection.

Excerpt 5: Forum posting in answer to questions on spiritual possession

Excerpt 6: One-on-one chat excerpts. I was not able to gain permission from the other person to show his dialogue in this segment (some of it was rather personal to him). I've left this here to show a little of how I was thinking around 2000-2001.

Excerpt 7: Forum posting on Numerology and Gematria

Excerpt 8: Forum posting in answer to another club member that discusses some of my personal views on reality and the universe. This is just me being a dickhead and trying to show off back around 2001. It's interesting to compare my views back then (and my motives for action) with how I see things now.

Excerpt 9: Email response to a fellow student of magick struggling with certain concepts. There is still some validity to this excerpt, and I still find the end bits amusing.

Excerpt 10: Email response discussing the Ego and the structure of the psyche

Excerpt 11: Email response regarding magickal Initiation and eventual union with one's H.G.A.

Excerpt 12: Forum posting regarding the works of Castaneda and the Assemblage Point

Excerpt 13: Controversial forum posting on the necessity of good and evil. (Appropriately numbered.)

Excerpt 14: Brief forum posting in answer to questions about death.

Excerpt 15: Sections of a personal chat during a somewhat mystical experience I was having at the time following some shamanic work with power plants. (I'd smoked some weed on the previous night and was able to make use of the after effects for magickal exploration the next day. I don't indulge in that stuff anymore - not compatible with my current practices.)

Excerpt 16: A post in answer to a question about magick performed outside the protection of a circle. Discusses 'empty-handed' or non-ritual magick to some extent.

Excerpt 17: A post from the Real Magick and Occult Forum discussing the nature of 'Gods' (as I understood it back then).

Excerpt 18: An email to someone about where people of 'knowledge' and 'experience' obtain it. Also contains some brief recommendations on learning magick.

Excerpt 19: Response to a person asking my thoughts as to the punishment of certain criminals involved in a crime in his area of the world.

Excerpt 20: Forum posting about union with HGA/Higher-Self that talks about my personal experiences and thoughts on the topic.

Excerpt 21: From my response to an egroup on the Qabalah and Tree of Life.

Excerpt 22: On Secrecy in magickal organizations - taken from response at a forum

Excerpt 23: Brief forum posting on names and images

Excerpt 24: Brief excerpt from an email describing a non-ritualistic method for contacting spirits astrally

Excerpt 25: Analysis of the rudiments of a standard ceremonial magick session. Discusses learning to see the 'patterns' behind rituals rather than following them blindly as a series of unconnected steps.

Excerpt 26: Email excerpt discussing my views on Power Plants (entheogens and psychedelics etc.).

Excerpt 27: Email response to someone asking about the best system of attributes to use when learning Enochian magick

Excerpt 28: A discussion about the reality of magick taken from a popular mailing list. Contains a few personal experiences

Excerpt 29: Very brief post talking about dangers of Improper Banishing.

Excerpt 30: Discussions on Music in Magick practice from several forum postings.

Excerpt 31: Postings on the topic of Auras

Excerpt 32: A debate on the divinity of it obvious I'm not Christian?

Excerpt 33: Discussions on the differences between Jewish Kabbalah and modern Hermetic Qabalah

Excerpt 34: A series of discussions on Gematria and language

Excerpt 34.1: Question on Franz Bardon and beginning a practice schedule

Excerpt 34.2: Series of letters about life and beginning magick with a couple practical techniques

Excerpt 35: Farrar/Bone Lecture Review February 20th 2002

Excerpt 36: Notes on Salvia Divinorum Experiment July 30th 2002 - involves magick and entheogens/psychedelics

Excerpt 37: Questions and comments about the Enochian Initiatory workings found on this website. Nov. 8th 2002

Excerpt 38: More questions on the Enochian Initiatory workings found on this website. Nov. 8th 2002

Excerpt 39: Questions and comments on my Modified Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram offered on this website. Feb. 11th 2003

Excerpt 40: E-list discussion on Psychic abilities and their role in magickal practice. March 7th 2003

Excerpt 41: Kabbalistic discussion on names of G-d in Genesis. March 10th 2003

Excerpt 42: More Kabbalistic discussion from the realmagick e-list. March 11th 2003

Excerpt 43: A thread of email correspondence dealing with questions on the Left hand path, reincarnation, with information drawn largely from my personal experience. March 11th - 13th 2003

Excerpt 44: A series of discussions/arguments on Qabalah with an annoying person. I include this here to provide a broad example of the types of people I have to deal with on occasion, and because some of the information was quite extensive in my responses and probably shouldn't go to waste.

Excerpt 45: Advice to someone whose friend received a Voodoo doll. Talks about how to dispose of it etc. May 14th 2003

Excerpt 46: The results of some brief research on the names found around the Goetic Triangle of Evocation - done sometime during 2002.

Excerpt 47: About general attitudes toward life to be cultivated by a mage. From e-list posting August 13th 2003.

Excerpt 48: Discusses changes in world-view that occur when commencing the study of magick. From email August 13th 2003.

Excerpt 49: An example of real magick for those who've never experienced it and/or who think that magick is just something that's all in their heads. September 9th 2003

Excerpt 50: Informative emails discussing looking for teachers and some ideas about developing a discriminating intellect with regard to magickal operations. February 26-27th 2004

Excerpt 51: Some discussion about the use of sound and pitch during rituals. May 8th 2004


More coming soon...