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Simple Exercises for Development


Reprogramming the Subconscious and Internal Dialogue: A very useful and important document on a technique that can assist the beginner to eliminate negative mental self-programming.

General Meditation- The Fourfold Breath: A VERY basic meditational breathing technique which should be learned first. Useful to practice in order to learn to silence the mind.

The Middle Pillar Exercise: Very effective method of activating energy centers in the body through Golden Dawn/Qabalistic techniques of building the Tree of Life into the aura. Works specifically with the pranic tube. Recommended for balancing and psychic development.

Expansion Meditation: Useful meditational exercise to assist in the sensation of energy and forces beyond the physical body. Also assists one to calm and expand the mind, and identify and feel the Infinity or Allness that interpenetrates all things.

Brief Collection of Simple Exercises: Just a collection of a few very basic and simple exercises that the beginner can use to help develop the psychic abilities.