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About Me

I am a student and practitioner of magick and the occult arts. The systematic study of magick and the universe, how I can assist others, and personal spiritual development are my primary concerns. Although I usually don't adhere to any one discipline other than my own, I have practiced and studied magick and energy work with other practitioners in several areas such as:

Special emphasis was placed on non-ritualized methods of direct energy working in most of my previous training, and my personal views are often biased toward this.


In no way do I claim any sort of magickal greatness or supreme-gifted-all-knowing-power.

There are no masters in this universe; only students.




You are welcome to drop me a line and ask about any of the information on my website. I try to answer all intelligent emails, but if I'm particularly busy then you can expect a delayed response.

To make answering your questions easier, and so I don't have to type the same things over again, please be sure to do your own initial research prior to inquiry to obtain a fundamental knowledge of the topic in question. Don't forget to use the search box on the main page.

For legal reasons, I'd prefer not to have dealings with anyone under the age of 18. The last thing I need is some parent accusing me of 'corrupting' their child. No kids or adolescents PLEASE!

Negative feedback and insults will be ignored and or publicly ridiculed as usual.