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The Hall of Ridicule

Everyone needs to be able to laugh at themselves and take criticism when it's tossed their way. Here are some of my amusing responses to those down-trodden victims of cess-ridden filth who've annoyed me in the past. Enjoy!


Entry #1: Part of a Trilogy :)

It all began back at the forum when an annoying self-absorbed 'person' chose to impose his flowery language and self-absorbed views upon us all to the point of boredom. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then attempted to flick me (the Founder/Moderator) away like a common pest. I first poked fun at his lofty sense of ego and then followed up with some magickal (though lewd) humor to lighten the mood in the group. Shortly after I was forced to delete that offensive member from the group when several senior and respected members complained about his insulting and tedious demeanor and threatened to leave the club. (Now I know why lodges/Orders screen their applicants.) Enjoy my intellectually ridiculous ranting in this delightful bitch-slap session :)

Entry #2: From an email where someone who caught me on a bad day decided to stick his/her neck out and resort to name-calling. I went a little overboard as usual (ok, so I'm slightly moody on some days).


More on the way as I find them...